24 Hour Fitness Prices 2024: Membership Cost & Gym Pricing List

24 Hour Fitness is open 24/7, offering a myriad of fitness equipment, diverse group exercise classes, and personal training services. Additional amenities like saunas and steam rooms enhance the gym experience. With more than 280 locations across the US, they cater to both individuals and families through flexible membership options.
This article
explores the training methods used by 24 Hour Fitness, the company's ownership and widespread presence, and the variety of classes they offer. It also provides a glimpse into, their uninterrupted operating hours, and provide a breakdown of the various pricing and membership options. This article provides valuable information for both newbies and regular gym-goers.

24 hour fitness pricing

At a Glance:

  • Gyms come in various sizes, all with sufficient workout space.
  • The gyms operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making it suitable for a workout any time of the day or night.
  • Various pricing and membership options are available.

Introduction to 24 Hour Fitness

Introduction to 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness, a leading chain of fitness centers in the US, was founded by Mark S. Mastrov in 1983. With its first club in San Leandro, California, the enterprise embarked on its journey under the name “24 Hour Nautilus,” providing fitness facilities accessible to members around the clock. This innovative concept was developed by Mastrov and Leonard Schlemm.

24 Hour Fitness

The fitness center chain quickly grew over the years, enveloping other fitness brands such as Family Fitness Centers, Gold’s Gym, and Ray Wilson’s Fitness Centers. The gym’s team up with “The Biggest Loser,” in 2004 helped improve their brand visibility and generated a new wave of members. This fitness enterprise now operates over 280 locations nationwide, with many locations keeping their doors open 24 hours a day.

24 Hour Fitness

Presently, the CEO is Karl Sanfit, and the company is under the ownership of Sculptor Capital Investments LLC, Monarch Alternative Capital LP, and Cyrus Capital Partners LP. This followed a period of bankruptcy and restructuring in 2020, from which the company emerged successfully to keep operating its clubs.

24 Hour Fitness

Offering a wide range of amenities such as cardio and strength training equipment, personal training, and various group exercise classes, they cater to diverse fitness needs. Their group exercise classes include cycling, yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and more. In addition, specialized classes like Les Mills BodyPump and BodyCombat deliver a comprehensive workout. They have also embraced digital and virtual offerings to adapt to the changing fitness landscape, providing ample opportunities for members to maintain physical and mental well-being.

24 Hour Fitness Prices

24 Hour Fitness Prices

Membership rates start from $29.99 (Basic Membership), which may vary depending on various factors like preferred membership type, location, and current discount and promo offers. The initiation fee, which costs up to $49.99 and the annual maintenance fee of around $49.99 are not yet included. Note that membership cost may also depend on the contract length, which means a longer contract may result in lower monthly fees overall.

How Much Is a Single Class at 24 Hour Fitness?

How Much Is a Single Class at 24 Hour Fitness

Factors like location, class type, and membership status may influence the price of a single class. However, the price for one class typically ranges from $10.00 to $30.00/session. Check with the nearest location for the actual rates.

How Much Is a Membership at 24 Hour Fitness?

24 Hour Fitness Membership cost

Membership options are available including the All-Club Ultra Sport, All-Club Super Sport, and All-Club Sport. Memberships cost between $30.00 and $80.00 excluding annual maintenance and initiation fees.

Following are the different membership options offered by 24 Hour Fitness:

  • All-Club Sport: The membership comes with access to all locations and includes access to free weights, cardio and strength training equipment, locker rooms, and specific amenities. You can also join group exercise classes. Price starts from $30.00/month plus initiation and annual maintenance fees.
  • All-Club Super Sport: The membership provides additional perks like access to lap pools, sauna, whirlpool, steam room, and basketball courts plus all the benefits of an All-Club Sport membership. Price starts from $50.00/month plus initiation and annual maintenance fees.
  • All-Club Ultra Sport: Aside from all the benefits of the previous two membership options, an All-Club Ultra Sport membership comes with additional amenities like access to racquetball courts, rock climbing walls, and all other specialized fitness equipment. Price starts from $70.00/month plus initiation and annual maintenance fees.

** Prices and availability vary by location. It’s recommended to check with your local 24 Hour Fitness gym for the updated info.

24 Hour Fitness Class Packages Cost

24 Hour Fitness Class Packages Cost

Different factors such as the package type and location determine the actual price of class packages. Some may include the cost of additional fees while some may not require additional fees.

Here is some common package pricing:

  • Single Class: A single or drop-in class typically costs from around $10.00 to $30.00/session.
  • 10-Class Package: The price starts at around $99.00

24 Hour Fitness Prices List

Following is a price list of all 24 Hour Fitness services:

24 Hour Fitness Prices List:



Single Class

Starts from $10.00

Class Packages:

10-Class Package

Starts from $99.00

Monthly Memberships:

Basic Membership

Starts from $29.99

All-Club Sport Membership

Starts from $34.99

All-Club Super Sport Membership

Starts from $44.99

All-Club Super Ultra Membership

Starts from $54.99

Family Plan

Starts from $49.99

Other Offers:

Personal Trainer

Starts from $50.00/hour

Guest Pass/Trial


Buddy Pass

Starts from $25.00

Day Pass

Starts from $15.00

3-Day Pass

Starts from $30.00

** Note that prices above may vary from actual depending on the location and preferred service. Check with the nearest location for more accurate information.

All 24 Hour Fitness Class Types Prices

All 24 Hour Fitness Class Types Prices

The fitness studio chain offers various group exercise classes in most locations. These are geared toward providing an effective and fun workout experience, regardless of fitness level. Prices for each type of single class at 24 Hour Fitness range from $10.00 to $15.00. The more common ones include:

  • BodyPump: A group fitness program based on weight class, BodyPump focuses on strength and endurance building.
  • Zumba: The program is dance-based, and combines easy-to-follow dance steps with Latin and international music.
  • Yoga: The mind-body program combines breathing techniques, meditation, and physical postures to promote relaxation, strength, and flexibility.
  • Cycling: Done on a stationary bike, the exercise helps burn calories and improve endurance.
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): The workout regimen involves intense exercises in short bursts and recovery or rest periods in alternating fashion.

** Note that these classes may not be available in all studios. Check the nearest gym or the official website for the most updated information on class availability and other details.

Online Classes & Schedules

24 Hour Fitness Online Classes & Schedules

24 Hour Fitness offers classes online if you cannot physically come to a gym. Visit the official website or the nearest studio for the available schedules and pricing details.

Here’s a home workout for your upper body from Britny, a coach at the 24 Hour!

Family Plan Price

24 Hour Fitness Family Plan Price

24 Hour Fitness studio allows you to add a family member to your membership for $26.99/month, but it isn’t a one-time charge. Likewise, it would be cheaper overall to get an annual membership for $299.99 as it would only equate to around $25.00/month. Again, actual prices may vary depending on the location and membership type.

Personal Trainer Price

24 Hour Fitness Personal Trainer Price

Depending on the trainer’s experience, location, and the frequency and duration of the sessions, the price for a personal trainer at 24 Hour Fitness ranges from around $80.00 to $100.00/hour (or $50.00 to $200/session). Typically, sessions with a personal trainer are sold in packages, which may vary from one session to months of training.

The cost of personal training may also vary, depending on your type of membership. Some locations offer personal training as part of premium memberships while other locations offer it as an add-on service.

Guest Pass Prices & Free Trial Pass

24 Hour Fitness Guest Pass Prices & Free Trial Pass

The Guest Pass program allows non-members to try the gym without obligation. It is a one-time-use offer and comes with access to all amenities, including group exercise classes, cardio equipment, and strength training equipment. Just contact your local gym or visit the official website to get a Guest Pass.

Note that not all locations offer the pass or offer it year-round. A photo ID or other types of identification may also be required to get a Guest Pass.

The pass is typically free, although some gyms may offer special discounts if you decide to sign up afterward. Check with your local gym to get up-to-date information about the Gate Pass and the related promotions and discount offers.

Buddy Pass Price

24 Hour Fitness Buddy Pass Price

This program allows a member to bring along a family member or friend for free. Available to all members, it can be used once a day. A member only needs to personally come to the gym with the guest to avail of the Buddy Pass.

The Buddy Pass is one of the benefits of being a gym member. Note that the pass may be available only on a limited basis in some locations, and it may not be offered at all in some gyms.

Day Pass & 3-Day Pass Rules & Prices

24 Hour Fitness Day Pass & 3-Day Pass Rules & Prices

The Day Pass and 3-Day Pass Programs allow non-members to try out the studio for a limited period.

  • Day Pass: The Day Pass provides access to all amenities for one day. It costs from $10.00 to $15.00, depending on the location. To get a Day Pass, just visit the official website or your nearest 24 Hour Fitness location.
  • 3-Day Pass: The pass comes with access to all amenities for 3 consecutive days. The 3-Day Pass is usually free. Visit the official website or your nearest studio for details.

** The Day Pass and 3-Day Pass may not be available year-round or in some locations. Just present proof of identification like a photo ID.

24 Hour Fitness Deals and Special Offers

24 Hour Fitness Deals and Special Offers

A special membership is available for only $19.99/month, but it is not available in all locations, and comes with some restrictions. Also called “Limited-Term Prepaid,” it requires a 12-month commitment, and can only be used in one club. It also doesn’t come with additional services or amenities.

Just visit the website if you wish to avail of this type of membership. Select the “Limited-Term Prepaid” membership option and enroll by following the prompts.

24 Hour Fitness Location Near Me Prices24 Hour Fitness Location Near Me Prices

24 Hour Fitness has over 280 locations across the United States. The city with the most number of 24 Hour Fitness locations in the United is San Diego with 11 locations.

In general, the 24 Hour Fitness monthly memberships prices range from around $30 to $50 per month for a single-club access. There might be additional fees, such as initiation fees or annual fees, depending on the membership plan.

Check with 24 Hour Fitness studios near your current location by Google Maps or visit their website for the most accurate pricing information.



24 Hour Fitness offers an array of membership options and pricing to fit various budgets and fitness goals. Membership prices start from $29.99 for a basic membership, with additional fees for initiation and annual maintenance. While additional costs for personal training and special classes may apply, the vast array of services, classes, and amenities available ensure that members get the most out of their investment.

how much is a 24 hour fitness membership

With a commitment to providing a 24/7 fitness environment, 24 Hour Fitness appeals to individuals with diverse schedules and fitness goals. Whether one is looking for basic gym access or an all-encompassing fitness experience complete with specialized classes and personal training, there’s a membership package that suits the needs. Regardless of the membership type, one thing is certain: 24 Hour Fitness offers value for money in its bid to promote health and wellness around the clock.

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