Pure Barre Reviews 2024: Is Pure Barre Worth It – Cost, Results Before and After

I have always been an active woman, but after two kids and an endless list of house chores, I feel how my body has changed. I had the urge to get back in shape again but I also did not want any kind of high-impact training.

I saw someone posted about Pure Barre on social media, and after several days of browsing and researching, I feel that this might be the right kind of workout for me. Without wasting too much time, I contacted a Pure Barre studio near my place and asked if there was any class available for me.

Pure Barre Reviews: Is Pure Barre Worth It Money - Cost, Classes, Results Before And After

After hearing from the staff, I decided to give Pure Barre a try! Below I will explain to you the experiences I had with the classes.

Pure Barre: Pros & Cons

Pure Barre Pros And Cons

The maker of Pure Barre claims that the exercises are great for strengthening and toning muscles, and I will not deny that. So, what are my real thoughts about the class? Let’s start with the pros and cons of Pure Barre workout.


  • I am very impressed with how friendly the teachers are. The one teaching my class welcomed me with a smile and immediately invited me to sit with two other participants that were also taking the class. She asked me to sit nearby so that it is easy for me to follow along.
  • The class is around 50 minutes long and I'm very glad that we did not spend too much time stretching! I also noticed the formats of the classes are pretty similar, although you first think of them as different. After joining 3 or 4 classes I already felt pretty confident with my movements.


  • The first thing I don't really like about Pure Barre is the pricing. I know that the price I got was pretty reasonable, but I only say so because I got the discount price. Otherwise, I would say that the pricing is pretty expensive for many people.
  • The next con about Pure Barre is that I often get waitlisted. I know that this actually means the class is very popular, but I am a little bit annoyed by the fact that I have to get my fingers crossed every time I register for a class.

Pure Barre Reviews: My Personal Experience after Attending Several Classes

Pure Barre Reviews: My Personal Experience after Attending Several Classes

After joining several Pure Barre sessions, I have to say that they are pretty different from other workout classes I joined before. Below are more detailed reviews about Pure Barre classes.

1. Difficulty of The Workout

Pure Barre Reviews: Difficulty of The Workout

I actually did not expect that the workouts in Pure Barre would be somewhat challenging. Yes, the class was labeled as low-impact, but it does not necessarily mean that it was easy. I quickly realized that the full-body workout demanded a decent amount of strength and endurance.

2. Quality of The Instructor

Pure Barre Reviews: Quality of The Instructor

As I mentioned earlier, I feel impressed with the instructors I met at Pure  Barre. Every one of them was knowledgeable and communicative, and they were able to create a welcoming environment from the first time I joined the class. They were very patient when explaining the moves to me and I felt very comfortable with their approach.

3. Lessons Learned

Pure Barre Reviews:  Lessons Learned

Besides the workouts and exercises, I also learned from Pure Barre about how mindfulness and focus are crucial during a class. Many of the movements are so detailed and precise, requiring me to move the precise muscles. I also learned that I should not be ashamed of taking breaks and making adjustments whenever I needed.

4. Results Achieved

Pure Barre Reviews:  Results Achieved

One thing I notice the most is how Pure Barre classes improve my physical strength and muscle flexibility. I particularly felt improvements in my arms and legs. Even if I did not shed many pounds, I felt more toned and lean after a few classes.

5. Is Pure Barre a Good Cardio Workout

Pure Barre Reviews:  Is Pure Barre a Good Cardio Workout

I also felt that Pure Barre worked effectively in getting my heart rate up. Even if the class does not actually involve traditional cardio workouts and exercises, the fast-paced movements definitely got my blood pumping fast! I am pretty happy with this, although I felt out of breath at some points.

Is Pure Barre Worth It?

Pure Barre Reviews: Is Pure Barre Worth It

Pure Barre is definitely worth it for those aiming to get more toned muscles through a low-impact workout. The level of training and care put in by the teachers is not ordinary at all, which makes the high price tag worth it. They definitely know what they are doing, so you should not be worried if you have wasted your money on a subpar workout class.

Who Should Take Pure Barre?

Pure Barre Reviews: Who Should Take Pure Barre

I do think that the classes at Pure Barre are suitable for a wide range of students. Although it felt a little intimidating at first, especially if you have never taken any sort of workout class, you will be motivated seeing how dedicated other students are.

Still, if you want to avoid any pressure at all, it is probably a better idea if you can find a class with a lot of beginners. Luckily, the teachers are very supportive. You will know that they are serious about what they do and they are committed to creating a supportive and encouraging environment for their students.

Final Verdict

Pure Barre Reviews: Is Pure Barre Worth The Cost / Money

If you ask me whether you should try Pure Barre or not, I will immediately tell you to go find a Pure Barre studio near you and sign up for a free trial class! It is always best to take a trial session whenever it is available since the cost of a Pure Barre membership is not exactly the cheapest.

All in all, besides the somewhat pricey membership fee, I do appreciate the workouts at Pure Barre. The facility is good, the exercises are fun, and, most importantly, all of the teachers there are great and informative!

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