Pure Barre Pricing 2024: Membership Cost & Classes Prices List

If you’re looking for a fun and exciting way to get fit, consider Pure Barre. The studio offers workouts that combine Pilates, yoga, and ballet to strengthen your muscles. Before joining a class, however, you might be interested to know the costs involved. Read on.

At a Glance:

  • Pure Barre is a famous gym that uses ballet, Pilates, and yoga exercises to help you stay fit.
  • Pure Barre offers various pricing plans to cater to different budgets and fitness levels.
  • Whether you prefer a one-time drop-in class for $22.00 or a monthly membership for $199.00, Pure Barre has options that can fit your needs.

Introduction to Pure Barre

Pure Barre

Pure Barre is a fitness gym that offers a low-impact workout that combines Pilates, ballet, and yoga. They offer different classes like Classic, Empower, and Reform to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Owned by Xponential Fitness, Pure Barre has over 500 locations across the US, making it one of the biggest fitness franchises in the country. Their studios are generally open seven days a week, and you can check their schedule to know their exact hours of operation.

Pure Barre

Founded in 2001 by Carrie Rezabek Dorr, Pure Barre has become a famous destination for fitness enthusiasts due to their unique workout approach, commitment to customer satisfaction, and focus on high-quality fitness experiences.

If you want to know the Pure Barre pricing before signing up for a class, don’t worry. Next, we will go over all the details, including class prices, class packages prices, membership costs, and more.

Pure Barre Prices

Pure Barre Prices

The cost of a single Pure Barre class starts from around $22, which may seem a bit expensive. However, since the classes are typically smaller than other fitness classes, you’ll receive more one-on-one instruction from the teacher.

But don’t worry, Pure Barre frequently provides special deals for new members or when you buy several classes at once, making it more affordable.

Prices for All Pure Barre Classes Packages

Prices for All Pure Barre Classes Packages

Following is a breakdown of Pure Barre’s pricing details, so you can make an informed decision on which option suits you best.

  • Single Class / Drop-in Class – If you’re new to Pure Barre and want to try out a single class, you can pay $22.00 for a drop-in rate. This is a good option if you’re unsure about the classes or can only attend one class due to a busy schedule.
  • New Student Offers – Pure Barre offers a few different deals for new students, including:
    1. First Class Free: This is a good option to experience Pure Barre without spending. This allows you to try out a class without any financial obligation.
    2. Unlimited Monthly Access: For $100.00, new students can attend as many classes as they want for a month. This is a great way to try out the studio and see if Pure Barre is a good fit for your fitness goals.
  • 5-Class Package – If you plan on attending Pure Barre classes regularly, the 5-class package might be a good choice. This package costs $100.00, or $20.00 per class. Validity is 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • 10-Class Package – Another option for regular attendees is the 10-class package, which costs $190.00 or $19.00 per class. Validity is 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • 15-Class Package – If 10 classes are not enough, you can opt for the 15-class package that costs $270.00, or $18.00 per class. Validity is 6 months from the date of purchase.
  • 20-Class Package – If you’re really committed to your Pure Barre practice, the 20-class package might be the best option for you. It costs $340.00, which is $17.00 per class. This package is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
  • Monthly Membership – If you intend to attend multiple Pure Barre classes in a week, then you can consider getting a monthly membership. It costs $199.00 per month and includes unlimited classes. You can also get discounts on workshops and retail purchases with a monthly membership.

To sum it up, Pure Barre offers packages suited for any budget and fitness level. Whatever package you choose – a drop-in rate, a package, or a monthly membership – you can find an option that’s right for you.

Pure Barre Prices List

Pure Barre Prices List

Here’s a listing of all Pure Barre classes and packages.

Pure Barre Prices List:



Single Class / Drop-in Class


All Access Monthly Memberships fee:

1 Month Unlimited Access


1 Month Unlimited Access (Special)


Class Packages:

1 Class


5 Classes


10 Classes


15 Classes


20 Classes


Prices for all Pure Barre Classes Types

Prices for all Pure Barre Classes Types

If you want to enhance your strength, tone your muscles, or become more flexible, Pure Barre has the perfect class for you. Let’s delve into the various kinds of classes that Pure Barre provides. But before you sign up, you might be wondering about the prices for all Pure Barre class types. Let’s break it down:

Pure Barre Foundations™ – Try it for Free!

If you’re new to Pure Barre or barre workouts, the Pure Barre Foundations class is the perfect starting point. This small group class uses low-impact, small movements to introduce you to the basic movements of Pure Barre workouts. You’ll experience how the technique works as well as feel the benefits of a full-body barre workout. Best of all, you don’t pay for your first class. It’s free!

Here is a video introduction to the Pure Barre Foundations class.

Pure Barre Align™

Pure Barre Align is a unique full-body workout that combines the classic barre technique with a focus on flexibility and balance training. In only 50 minutes, you can improve your flexibility and joint mobility while also building muscular strength and stability.

This class uses small movements to improve your overall alignment and balance. The price for a single Pure Barre Align class is usually around $25-$35.

This video provides an introduction to the Pure Barre Align class.

Pure Barre Classic™

Pure Barre Classic is the original and most effective low-impact, full-body barre workout. In this 50-minute class, you’ll use a ball, weights, and a double tube to guide you through a series of high-intensity, isometric movements that improve your flexibility while toning and strengthening your body. The price for Classic class is around $25-$30 per class.

Here is a video introduction to the Pure Barre Classic class.

Pure Reform

The Pure Reform class is a fusion of traditional Pure Barre exercises and Pilates-inspired movements. This class focuses on building strength and improving flexibility, balance, and coordination.

The Pure Reform class uses resistance bands and sliders to add an extra challenge to the workout. The price for Pure Reform class is similar to Classic class, around $25-$30 per class.

Here is a video introduction to the Pure Barre Pure Reform class.

Pure Barre Pure Empower

For an even more intense workout, try Pure Barre Pure Empower. This fusion workout combines the Classic Pure Barre technique with high-intensity interval training designed to increase your metabolism, build strength, and elevate your heart rate.

In 45 minutes, you’ll use energetic movements with a plyometric platform and ankle weights to target different muscle groups simultaneously. The price for a single Pure Empower class is usually around $25-$35.

Below is a video introduction to the Pure Barre Pure Empower class.

Pure Barre Platform

Pure Barre Platform class uses a raised platform to add an extra challenge to the workout. The class is similar to Classic class but with more cardio and plyometric movements. The price for Platform class is similar to Classic and Pure Reform classes, around $25-$30 per class.

Below is a video introduction to the Pure Barre Platform class.

Pure Barre Prices List for Locations Near Me

Pure Barre Prices List for Locations Near Me

As of the writing, there are over 550 Pure Barre studios across the United States, making it one of the largest fitness franchises in the country. Now we’ll take a closer look at the prices for the Pure Barre studio locations near you.

City (US)Single Class PriceMonthly Membership Price
Albuquerque, NM$23$199
Alexandria, VA$24$199
Allentown, PA$23$199
Alpharetta, GA$23$199
Amherst, NY$23$199
Annapolis, MD$24$199
Ardmore, PA$23$199
Arlington, TX$23$199
Asheville, NC$23$199
Atlanta, GA$23$199
Auburn, AL$23$199
Augusta, GA$23$199
Austin, TX$23$199
Avon, CT$23$199
Avon Lake, OH$23$199
Barrington, IL$24$199
Baton Rouge, LA$23$199
Bay Shore, NY$23$199
Beaverton, OR$23$199
Bedford, NH$23$199
Bellaire, TX$23$199
Bellevue, WA$23$199
Bellingham, WA$23$199
Bend, OR$23$199
Bethesda, MD$24$199
Beverly Hills, CA$30$299
Birmingham, AL$23$199
Bloomfield Hills, MI$23$199
Boca Raton, FL$23$199
Boise, ID$23$199
Boston, MA$30$299
Boulder, CO$23$199
Bowling Green, KY$23$199
Boynton Beach, FL$23$199
Braintree, MA$30$299
Brentwood, TN$23$199
Brookfield, WI$23$199
Brooklyn, NY$23$199
Broomfield, CO$23$199
Buffalo, NY$23$199
Burlington, VT$23$199
Burnsville, MN$23$199
Cambridge, MA$30$299
Canton, OH$23$199
Cape Coral, FL$23$199
Carlsbad, CA$23$199
Carmel, IN$23$199
Cary, NC$23$199
Cedar Park, TX$23$199
Centennial, CO$23$199
Chandler, AZ$23$179
Chapel Hill, NC$23$179
Charleston, SC$23$179
Charlotte, NC$23$179
Charlottesville, VA$23$179
Chattanooga, TN$23$179
Cherry Hill, NJ$24$199
Chesterfield, MO$23$179
Chicago, IL$25$199
Cincinnati, OH$23$179
Claremont, CA$23$179
Clarksville, TN$23$179
Clayton, MO$23$179
Clearwater, FL$23$179
Cleveland, OH$23$179
Clinton Township, MI$23$179
Coconut Creek, FL$23$179
College Station, TX$23$179
Collierville, TN$23$179
Colorado Springs, CO$23$179
Columbia, MD$23$179
Columbia, MO$23$179
Columbia, SC$23$179
Columbus, GA$23$179
Columbus, OH$23$179
Concord, NH$23$179
Conshohocken, PA$23$179
Coral Gables, FL$23$179
Coral Springs, FL$23$179
Corvallis, OR$23$179
Costa Mesa, CA$23$179
Covington, LA$23$179
Cranberry Township, PA$23$179
Cranford, NJ$24$199
Crestview Hills, KY$23$179
Cumming, GA$23$179
Cupertino, CA$23$179
Dallas, TX$23$179
Danbury, CT$23$179
Daphne, AL$23$179
Darien, CT$23$179
Davidson, NC$23$179
Dayton, OH$23$179
Decatur, GA$23$179
Deerfield, IL$23$179
Del Mar, CA$23$179
Delray Beach, FL$23$179
Denver, CO$23$179
Destin, FL$23$179
Detroit, MI$23$179
Doral, FL$23$199
Downers Grove, IL$24$199
Doylestown, PA$24$199
Dublin, OH$23$199
Duluth, GA$24$199
Durham, NC$24$199
East Lansing, MI$23$199
East Memphis, TN$24$199
Easton, PA$24$199
Edina, MN$23$199
El Paso, TX$23$199
El Segundo, CA$30$250
Elk Grove, CA$23$199
Ellicott City, MD$23$199
Encinitas, CA$30$250
Englewood, CO$23$199
Erie, PA$24$199
Estero, FL$23$199
Eugene, OR$23$199
Evanston, IL$24$199
Evansville, IN$23$199
Exton, PA$24$199
Fairfax, VA$24$199
Fairfield, CT$30$250
Fairlawn, OH$23$199
Fairport, NY$24$199
Fargo, ND$23$199
Farmington, CT$30$250
Fayetteville, AR$23$199
Fayetteville, NC$24$199
Fishers, IN$23$199
Flemington, NJ$24$199
Florence, AL$23$199
Flower Mound, TX$23$199
Folsom, CA$23$199
Fort Collins, CO$23$199
Fort Lauderdale, FL$23$199
Fort Myers, FL$23$199
Fort Worth, TX$23$199
Franklin, TN$23$199
Frederick, MD$23$199
Fredericksburg, VA$24$199
Fresno, CA$23$199
Frisco, TX$23$199
Gainesville, FL$23$199
Gainesville, VA$24$199
Geneva, IL$24$199
Germantown, TN$24$199
Glen Ellyn, IL$25$189
Glen Mills, PA$23$169
Glendale, AZ$23$169
Glendale, CA$30$225
Golden, CO$22$169
Goodyear, AZ$23$169
Grand Rapids, MI$23$169
Grapevine, TX$23$169
Great Neck, NY$30$225
Green Bay, WI$25$189
Green Hills, TN$23$169
Greensboro, NC$23$169
Greenville, SC$23$169
Greenwich, CT$30$225
Greenwood Village, CO$22$169
Grosse Pointe, MI$23$169
Gulf Breeze, FL$23$169
Gurnee, IL$25$189
Haddonfield, NJ$23$169
Hagerstown, MD$23$169
Hales Corners, WI$25$189
Hallandale Beach, FL$23$169
Hamden, CT$30$225
Hamilton, NJ$23$169
Hanover, NH$23$169
Happy Valley, OR$23$169
Harker Heights, TX$23$169
Harrisburg, PA$23$169
Harrison, NY$30$225
Harrisonburg, VA$23$169
Hartford, CT$30$225
Hattiesburg, MS$23$169
Haverford, PA$30$225
Henderson, NV$23$169
Hendersonville, TN$23$169
Hermosa Beach, CA$30$225
Highland Park, IL$25$189
Highlands Ranch, CO$22$169
Hilliard, OH$25$189
Hilton Head Island, SC$23$169
Hoboken, NJ$30$225
Hollywood, FL$23$169
Homewood, AL$23$169
Honolulu, HI$30$225
Hoover, AL$23$169
Hopewell, NJ$23$169
Houston, TX$23$169
Huntersville, NC$23$169
Huntington Beach, CA$30$225
Indianapolis, IN$23$179
Irvine, CA$28$199
Issaquah, WA$23$179
Jackson, MS$22$175
Jacksonville, FL$23$179
Jacksonville Beach, FL$23$179
Jefferson City, MO$20$159
Jenkintown, PA$24$189
Johns Creek, GA$23$179
Johnson City, TN$22$175
Joliet, IL$23$179
Kalamazoo, MI$22$175
Kansas City, MO$23$179
Katy, TX$23$179
Keene, NH$23$179
Keller, TX$23$179
Kenilworth, IL$24$189
Kennewick, WA$23$179
Kent, OH$22$175
Kentwood, MI$22$175
Kernersville, NC$22$175
Kildeer, IL$24$189
King of Prussia, PA$24$189
Kingston, NY$23$179
Knoxville, TN$22$175
La Canada Flintridge, CA$28$199
La Jolla, CA$28$199
La Mesa, CA$28$199
Lafayette, CA$28$199
Lafayette, LA$23$179
Laguna Beach, CA$28$199
Lake Bluff, IL$24$189
Lake Charles, LA$23$179
Lake Forest, IL$24$189
Lake Grove, NY$23$179
Lake Mary, FL$23$179
Lake Oswego, OR$23$179
Lake Zurich, IL$24$189
Lakeland, FL$23$179
Lakewood, CO$23$179
Lakewood Ranch, FL$23$179
Lancaster, PA$24$189
Land O’ Lakes, FL$23$179
Langhorne, PA$24$189
Lansdale, PA$24$189
Larchmont, NY$23$179
Las Vegas, NV$23$179
Lawrence, KS$22$175
Lawrenceville, NJ$24$189
Layton, UT$23$179
Leawood, KS$23$225
Lebanon, NH$23$225
Lee’s Summit, MO$23$225
Leesburg, VA$23$225
Lehi, UT$23$225
Lemont, IL$23$225
Lenexa, KS$23$225
Leominster, MA$23$225
Lewis Center, OH$23$225
Lexington, KY$23$225
Libertyville, IL$23$225
Lighthouse Point, FL$23$225
Lincoln, NE$23$225
Lincolnshire, IL$23$225
Little Rock, AR$23$225
Littleton, CO$23$225
Livermore, CA$23$225
Livingston, NJ$23$225
Long Beach, CA$23$225
Longmont, CO$23$225
Los Altos, CA$23$225
Los Angeles, CA$30$225
Louisville, KY$23$225
Loveland, CO$23$225
Lubbock, TX$23$225
Lynchburg, VA$23$225
Lynnfield, MA$23$225
Madison, AL$23$225
Madison, CT$23$225
Madison, NJ$23$225
Madison, WI$23$225
Malvern, PA$23$225
Mandeville, LA$23$225
Manhattan Beach, CA$30$225
Maple Grove, MN$23$225
Maplewood, NJ$23$225
Marietta, GA$23$225
Marion, IA$23$225
Marlboro, NJ$23$225
Marlton, NJ$23$225
Marmora, NJ$23$225
Martinez, CA$23$225
Mason, OH$23$225
Matthews, NC$23$225
McLean, VA$23$225
Mechanicsburg, PA$23$225
Medford, OR$23$225
Media, PA$23$225
Medina, OH$23$225
Melbourne, FL$23$225
Memphis, TN$23$199
Menlo Park, CA$28$229
Meridian, ID$23$199
Metairie, LA$23$199
Miami, FL$25$225
Miami Beach, FL$25$225
Middleburg Heights, OH$23$199
Middletown, NJ$25$225
Midland, TX$23$199
Midlothian, VA$23$199
Mill Valley, CA$28$229
Millburn, NJ$25$225
Millbury, MA$23$199
Milwaukee, WI$23$199
Minneapolis, MN$23$199
Minnetonka, MN$23$199
Mishawaka, IN$23$199
Mission Viejo, CA$28$229
Mobile, AL$23$199
Modesto, CA$28$229
Monroe, LA$23$199
Monroe Township, NJ$25$225
Montclair, NJ$25$225
Montgomery, AL$23$199
Montgomeryville, PA$25$225
Montrose, CO$23$199
Moorestown, NJ$25$225
Mooresville, NC$23$199
Moraga, CA$28$229
Morristown, NJ$25$225
Mount Kisco, NY$25$225
Mount Laurel, NJ$25$225
Mount Pleasant, SC$23$199
Mount Vernon, NY$25$225
Mountain Brook, AL$23$199
Mountain View, CA$28$229
Murfreesboro, TN$23$199
Murray, UT$23$199
Naperville, IL$23$199
Naples, FL$25$225
Nashville, TN$23$199
Natick, MA$25$225
Needham, MA$25$225
New Albany, OH$23$199
New Canaan, CT$25$225
New Orleans, LA$23$199
New Providence, NJ$25$225
New Rochelle, NY$25$225
New York, NY$34$359
Newark, DE$23$199
Newark, NJ$25$199
Newburyport, MA$25$199
Newport Beach, CA$28$199
Newton, MA$25$199
Newtown Square, PA$25$199
Newtown, PA$25$199
Noblesville, IN$23$179
Norcross, GA$23$179
Norfolk, VA$23$179
Norman, OK$23$179
North Andover, MA$25$199
North Bethesda, MD$25$199
North Haven, CT$25$199
North Palm Beach, FL$26$199
North Wales, PA$25$199
Northbrook, IL$25$199
Northfield, IL$25$199
Northville, MI$25$199
Norwalk, CT$25$199
Novato, CA$26$199
Novi, MI$25$199
Oak Brook, IL$25$199
Oak Park, IL$25$199
Oakland, CA$26$199
Ocala, FL$26$199
Oceanside, CA$26$199
Odessa, FL$26$199
Oklahoma City, OK$23$179
Olathe, KS$23$179
Old Greenwich, CT$25$199
Old Saybrook, CT$25$199
Omaha, NE$23$179
Orange, CA$26$199
Orchard Park, NY$25$199
Orland Park, IL$25$199
Orlando, FL$26$199
Overland Park, KS$23$179
Owings Mills, MD$25$199
Oxford, MS$23$179
Oxnard, CA$26$199
Pacific Palisades, CA$26$199
Palm Beach Gardens, FL$26$199
Palm Desert, CA$26$199
Palm Harbor, FL$26$199
Palo Alto, CA$26$199
Peachtree City, GA$23$199
Pearland, TX$23$199
Pembroke Pines, FL$23$199
Pennington, NJ$28$199
Pensacola, FL$23$199
Peoria, AZ$23$199
Peoria, IL$23$199
Petaluma, CA$23$199
Philadelphia, PA$28$199
Phoenix, AZ$23$199
Pickerington, OH$23$199
Pinecrest, FL$23$199
Pittsburgh, PA$28$199
Plano, TX$23$199
Plantation, FL$23$199
Pleasant Hill, CA$23$199
Pleasanton, CA$23$199
Plymouth, MI$23$199
Plymouth Meeting, PA$28$199
Pompano Beach, FL$23$199
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL$23$199
Portage, MI$23$199
Portland, ME$23$199
Portland, OR$23$199
Portsmouth, NH$23$199
Potomac, MD$28$199
Powell, OH$23$199
Prairie Village, KS$23$199
Princeton, NJ$28$199
Providence, RI$28$199
Provo, UT$23$199
Punta Gorda, FL$23$199
Quakertown, PA$28$199
Queen Creek, AZ$23$199
Raleigh, NC$23$199
Ramsey, NJ$28$199
Rancho Cucamonga, CA$23$199
Rancho Mirage, CA$23$199
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA$23$199
Reading, PA$28$199
Red Bank, NJ$28$199
Redondo Beach, CA$23$199
Redwood City, CA$23$199
Rego Park, NY$28$199
Reno, NV$23$199
Reston, VA$28$199
Richardson, TX$23$199
Richmond Heights, MO$28$199
Richmond, VA$28$199
Ridgefield, CT$28$199
Ridgewood, NJ$25$199
River Forest, IL$23$179
Riverdale, NY$32$249
Riverside, CA$25$199
Roanoke, VA$23$179
Rochester Hills, MI$23$179
Rochester, MN$23$179
Rochester, NY$25$199
Rock Hill, SC$22$169
Rockford, IL$23$179
Rockville, MD$24$189
Rocky River, OH$23$179
Rogers, AR$23$179
Rolling Hills Estates, CA$25$199
Roseland, NJ$25$199
Roseville, CA$25$199
Roslyn, NY$32$249
Roswell, GA$23$179
Round Rock, TX$23$179
Royal Oak, MI$23$179
Sacramento, CA$25$199
Saint Charles, IL$23$179
Saint Louis Park, MN$23$179
Saint Louis, MO$23$179
Saint Paul, MN$23$179
Saint Petersburg, FL$23$179
Salem, OR$23$179
Salinas, CA$25$199
Salisbury, NC$22$169
Salt Lake City, UT$25$199
San Antonio, TX$23$179
San Carlos, CA$25$199
San Clemente, CA$25$199
San Diego, CA$25$199
San Francisco, CA$25$199
San Jose, CA$25$199
San Juan Capistrano, CA$25$199
San Luis Obispo, CA$25$199
San Marcos, CA$25$199
San Marino, CA$25$199
San Mateo, CA$25$199
San Rafael, CA$25$199
Sandy Springs, GA$23$179
Santa Ana, CA$25$199
Santa Barbara, CA$25$199
Santa Clara, CA$25$199
Santa Cruz, CA$25$199
Santa Fe, NM$25$199
Santa Monica, CA$25$199
Sarasota, FL$23$179
Saratoga Springs, NY$23$199
Savannah, GA$23$199
Scarsdale, NY$28$249
Schaumburg, IL$24$199
Scottsdale, AZ$23$199
Seal Beach, CA$28$249
Seattle, WA$25$225
Sewickley, PA$23$199
Shaker Heights, OH$24$199
Shawnee, KS$22$199
Sherman Oaks, CA$28$249
Shreveport, LA$23$199
Silver Spring, MD$25$225
Simi Valley, CA$28$249
Simpsonville, SC$23$199
Skokie, IL$24$199
Slidell, LA$23$199
Smithtown, NY$28$249
Solana Beach, CA$28$249
Solon, OH$24$199
Somerville, NJ$25$225
South Barrington, IL$24$199
South Bend, IN$22$199
South Burlington, VT$25$225
South Jordan, UT$23$199
South Miami, FL$28$249
South Orange, NJ$25$225
South Windsor, CT$24$199
Southampton, NY$28$249
Southlake, TX$25$225
Spartanburg, SC$23$199
Spokane, WA$25$225
Spring, TX$23$199
Springboro, OH$24$199
Springfield, IL$24$199
Springfield, MO$22$199
Springfield, PA$25$225
St. Augustine, FL$25$225
St. Charles, MO$24$199
St. Joseph, MO$22$199
St. Simons Island, GA$23$199
Stafford, VA$23$199
Stamford, CT$28$249
State College, PA$23$199
Staten Island, NY$28$249
Sterling, VA$23$199
Stillwater, OK$22$199
Stockton, CA$28$249
Stoneham, MA$28$249
Stony Brook, NY$28$249
Stow, OH$23$199
Strongsville, OH$23$199
Stuart, FL$23$199
Studio City, CA$30$299
Sturtevant, WI$23$199
Sugar Land, TX$23$199
Summit, NJ$30$299
Summerville, SC$23$199
Sunnyvale, CA$30$299
Sunrise, FL$23$199
Suwanee, GA$23$199
Syosset, NY$30$299
Syracuse, NY$30$299
Tacoma, WA$23$199
Tallahassee, FL$23$199
Tampa, FL$23$199
Tarrytown, NY$30$299
Temecula, CA$30$299
Tempe, AZ$23$199
Terre Haute, IN$23$199
The Woodlands, TX$23$199
Thousand Oaks, CA$30$299
Tigard, OR$23$199
Toledo, OH$23$199
Tomball, TX$23$199
Toms River, NJ$30$299
Topeka, KS$23$199
Torrance, CA$30$299
Towson, MD$30$299
Traverse City, MI$23$199
Trenton, NJ$30$299
Troy, MI$30$299
Trumbull, CT$30$299
Tucson, AZ$23$199
Tulsa, OK$23$199
Tupelo, MS$23$199
Turlock, CA$30$299
Tustin, CA$30$299
Tyler, TX$23$199
Tysons Corner, VA$30$299
Union City, CA$30$299
Uniontown, OH$23$199
University Heights, OH$23$199
Upper Arlington, OH$23$199
Upper Montclair, NJ$30$299
Urbandale, IA$23$199
Valencia, CA$30$299
Valhalla, NY$30$299
Valrico, FL$23$199
Vancouver, WA$23$199
Venice, FL$25$179
Ventura, CA$25$199
Vernon Hills, IL$25$199
Vero Beach, FL$23$159
Vienna, VA$24$199
Virginia Beach, VA$23$159
Visalia, CA$25$199
Waco, TX$23$159
Wake Forest, NC$23$159
Waldorf, MD$25$199
Walnut Creek, CA$25$199
Waltham, MA$25$199
Wantagh, NY$25$199
Warminster, PA$25$199
Warren, NJ$25$199
Warrenville, IL$25$199
Warwick, RI$25$199
Washington, DC$25$199
Watchung, NJ$25$199
Waterloo, IA$25$199
Waukesha, WI$25$199
Wayne, NJ$25$199
Wayne, PA$25$199
Webster Groves, MO$25$199
Wellington, FL$25$199
West Bloomfield, MI$25$199
West Chester, OH$25$199
West Des Moines, IA$25$199
West Hartford, CT$25$199
West Hollywood, CA$25$199
West Lafayette, IN$25$199
West Linn, OR$25$199
West Orange, NJ$25$199
West Palm Beach, FL$25$199
West Springfield, MA$25$199
West University Place, TX$23$159
Westborough, MA$25$199
Westfield, NJ$25$199
Westlake Village, CA$25$199
Westminster, CO$25$199
Weston, FL$25$199
Westport, CT$25$199
Westwood, MA$25$199
Wheaton, IL$25$199
White Plains, NY$25$199
Wichita, KS$25$199
Wilkes-Barre, PA$25$199
Williamsburg, VA$23$159
Williamsville, NY$25$199
Williston, VT$25$199
Wilmington, DE$25$199
Wilmington, NC$23$159
Winchester, VA$25$199
Winston-Salem, NC$23$159
Winter Park, FL$25$199
Woodbridge, VA$25$199

Are you in search of a Pure Barre studio near you in the United States? You can check Google Maps to find the nearest Pure Barre location from you.

Pure Barre Deals and Discounts

Pure Barre Deals and Discounts

Pure Barre offers special deals for newcomers. For one, they can enjoy their first class for free. Also, their monthly membership is at a special price of $100.00, instead of the regular price of $199.00. While there are no other regular discount offers or promotions, Pure Barre offers special discounts from time to time.


Pure Barre cost

Pure Barre offers a low-impact workout that targets all muscles and fits different budgets and fitness goals. They offer various class packages including single and multiple-class packages, as well as monthly memberships.

The cost of a single class is around $22.00. Multiple class packages like the 5-class package for $100.00 or $340.00 for 20 classes are also available. Note however, that pricing and offered packages may vary depending on the location. Visit the official website from time to time to check the discounts that the company sometimes offers such as special discounts for students, first responders, and military personnel.

For first-timers, Pure Barre offers a free class, which is great if you want to experience an actual class first before committing to a multi-class package. Try Pure Barre to experience the difference that their yoga classes can make.

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2 thoughts on “Pure Barre Pricing 2024: Membership Cost & Classes Prices List”

  1. I just had my knee replaced in Aug and I’d like to know would this help me strengthen my core as well as the Rehabilitation I need for recuperation of the leftbleg and strengthen the right leg

    • Hi Gina,

      We recommend consulting with your physician or doctor prior to beginning a new exercise routine.

      Pure Barre classes are low impact, high intensity and their teachers can offer modifications.

      Just be sure to let your teacher know any concerns prior to your first class.


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