MUV Fitness Prices 2024: Membership Cost & Price List

MUV Fitness, with its extensive class offerings and facilities across Oregon, Washington, and South Carolina, prioritizes wellness and community.
As potential members weigh the benefits, understanding MUV Fitness's pricing is crucial, balancing the investment in personal health against the value of joining a holistic health community.

MUV Fitness

At a Glance:

  • MUV Fitness Overview: A health-focused fitness club chain founded in 2014, offering diverse classes and facilities in Oregon, Washington, and South Carolina, with a strong community ethos.
  • Pricing: Memberships range from $20 to $75 bi-weekly, with variable joining fees. Additional services like personal training and family plans vary by location and promotion.
  • Hours & Locations: Open mainly from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm on weekdays, with weekend adjustments. Locations are spread across specific regions in Oregon, Washington, and South Carolina.
MUV Fitness

Introduction to MUV Fitness

Introduction to MUV Fitness

Joel Tallman started MUV Fitness in 2014 under the MUV Brands. The fitness club chain fosters healthy living in the US, specifically in Oregon, Washington, and South Carolina, and still growing through the leadership’s expansion initiatives. It offers a wide range of fitness classes including cardio, cycling, fusion of yoga & Pilates, and strength training, designed for various preferences and styles.

MUV Fitness

Operating hours vary, but many locations are open from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm to accommodate varying schedules. The comprehensive approach to fitness and a focus on community building and motivating members help make MUV Fitness a key player in the industry.

MUV Fitness Prices: How Much Is an MUV Fitness Membership?

MUV Fitness Prices: How Much Is an MUV Fitness Membership

Membership costs from $20 to $75, payable bi-weekly. A one-time joining fee applies, and depending on the current promotions, may cost from 0 to $220, due at the time of joining.


MUV Fitness Prices for Amenities

With a membership, you get access to all the amenities, including whirlpools, swimming pools, saunas, basketball and racquetball courts, free weights, circuit training, showers, locker rooms, sun decks, and kids’ zones. If available in your location, you can also enjoy hydromassages, tanning, “MUVie rooms,” and various studio group classes.

MUV Fitness Membership Cost & Types

MUV Fitness Membership Cost

  • Month-to-Month Limited Access: For a bi-weekly payment of $27.5, you get unlimited gym access, and 4 classes/month.
  • 1-Year Limited Access: Bi-weekly price is $20, and comes with unlimited gym access, and 4 classes/month plus an upgrade option.
  • Comprehensive Membership Options: Choose from Month-to-Month, 6-Month Training, and 1-Year Training options; includes unlimited access to weekly classes, fitness assessments, and open studio access, among others – all for $55 to $75 bi-weekly.
  • 5 Classes + Assessment Package: Pay $20.!7 one-time to get an InBody Biometrics Scan, personaltraining under a group-like environment, access to 5 group classes, and a fitness assessment.

Family Membership Prices

MUV Fitness Family Membership Prices

The price depends on the location, specific amenities, and prevailing promos. For instance, Spokane locations have a special offer for employees of Washington University: $34/month for 1 person with an option to include a family member for $29/month or $63/month for a pair, outside of extra services or fees.

MUV Fitness Personal Training Prices

MUV Fitness Personal Training Prices

Personal training is available per session or in several sessions, like 30 or 60. The average cost of personal training in gyms or clubs starts from $50 to $100. 2 free sessions and free 30-day reprograms are sometimes packaged with new memberships.

In Nashville, for example, an ongoing promo is a fixed $199 package for a 2-week training program. This includes a free consultation, 6 personal training sessions, a nutrition manual, and access to a members-only support group on Facebook.

MUV Fitness Guest Pass and Day Pass Prices

MUV Fitness Guest Pass and Day Pass Prices

If you want to try out the facilities without commitment, you can try a few options. Members can extend a 1-time, 7-day pass to local residents over 18 years. If you’re considering joining, you can get a free trial membership with varying durations, depending on the location. It comes in 3-day, 7-day, and 14-day options. Pay guest fees daily for $10 to $10 to extend the duration of the pass. Estimated cost of day passes, depending on location:

  • $15 – 1 day
  • $30 – 1 week
  • $50 – 2 weeks
  • $60 – 3 weeks
  • $70 – 4 weeks

***Contact the nearest gym for accurate information.

Additional Fees and Promotions

MUV Fitness Additional Fees and Promotions

  • Exclusive Deals (for ex., University of Washington): Waived startup fee, $29 1-time processing fee, lower monthly dues at $34/month, add-on option of $29/month for a family member, and $35 annual maintenance fee.
  • Trial Memberships & Groupon Deals: Free trial memberships and promo deals are available in some locations. From time to time, Groupon provides extra savings.
  • Corporate Wellness Programs: Available for companies and their employees, the option includes free personalized training programs, special pricing based on the company’s size, and private training discounts.

MUV Fitness Prices List

MUV Fitness Prices List:

Membership Type:



Month-to-Month Limited Access

$27.5 bi-weekly

Unlimited gym access, 4 classes/month.

1-Year Limited Access

$20 bi-weekly

Unlimited gym access, 4 classes/month, upgrade option.

Comprehensive Membership Options

$55 to $75 bi-weekly

Unlimited weekly classes, fitness assessments, studio access.

5 Classes + Assessment Package

$20.17 one-time

InBody Scan, personal training, 5 group classes, fitness assessment.

Family Membership (Spokane Special)

$34/month (1 person), $63/month (pair)

Special offer for Washington University employees.

Personal Training (per session)

$50 to $100

Average cost, 2 free sessions with new memberships sometimes.

Guest Pass/Day Pass

Varies ($15 - $70 depending on duration)

1-day to 4-week options, free trials available.

What Are the Amenities Included in MUV Fitness Memberships?

Amenities Included in MUV Fitness Memberships Prices

Members can expect to find pools, saunas, Jacuzzis, and basketball & racquetball courts, though this may vary by location. The variety of classes includes Pilates, yoga, Zumba, Body Attack, Body Jam, barre workouts, aqua fitness, and step workouts. Group exercises, personal training, and weight loss programs are also available with modern equipment and free-weight areas. Nutrition programs are likewise available for members.

Locations, Hours, & Customer Service

MUV Fitness Locations, Hours, & Customer Service

MUV Fitness currently has 13 locations in the states of WA, OR, and SC. While specific hours may vary by location, in general, they are open from 5:00 am to 10:00 pm on Mondays to Thursdays; 5:00 am to 9:00 pm on Fridays; 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on Saturdays; and 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Sundays.

For customer service, you can visit the nearest gym or call your local MUV Fitness:

  • Spokane, WA: (509) 467-1500
  • Beaverton, OR: (503) 531-8400
  • Columbia, SC: (803) 787-4950 (Forest Acres); (803) 569-4653 (Killian)
  • Everett, WA: (425) 347-1077
  • Irmo, SC: (803) 798-1000
  • Lexington, SC: (803) 359-6100
  • Portland, OR: (503) 719-5731
  • Spokane, WA: (509)926-1241 (East Spokane); (509) 448-8442 (South Spokane)
  • Troutdale, OR: (503) 660-3550
  • West Columbia, SC: (803) 888-1580

Furthermore, you can use Google Maps to locate the nearest MUV Fitness Gym.

MUV Fitness Reviews & Ratings

MUV Fitness Reviews & Ratings

MUV Fitness locations generally elicit solid customer satisfaction ratings, with most receiving more than 4.5-star ratings. For instance, the East and South Spokane locations are both rated 4.8 stars from over 4,000 reviews each. Everett is rated 4.7 stars in 2,709 reviews. North Spokane has 4.8 stars, Portland (4.7), and Troutdale (4.7) were also highly touted by thousands of reviewers who mostly appreciate the fitness chain’s dedication to fitness and well-stacked workout environment.

How to Cancel MUV Fitness Membership?

How to Cancel MUV Fitness Membership

You can visit your local gym and relay your cancellation request to the manager who has the authority to approve the request. A 30-day prior notice is also necessary. Here’s the step-by-step procedure:

  1. Personally speak with the gym manager to make the request.
  2. Provide a written request.
  3. If there are issues at the local level, seek assistance from the corporate office.
  4. If you’ve moved to at least 50 miles from your current gym, provideproof of relocation.
  5. Keep all records aboutyour cancellation request.

Conclusion: How Much Does MUV Fitness Cost?

MUV Fitness Cost

Membership options at MUV Fitness cater to varying budgets and fitness needs. Bi-weekly payments range between $20 and $75, excluding a 1-time joining fee from $0 to $220, depending on prevailing offers. Members enjoy access to amenities and facilities that include, saunas, pools, and group classes. Memberships include Month-to-Month Limited Access ($27.50 bi-weekly), and Comprehensive Membership options ($55 to $75 bi-weekly)

Joining MUV Fitness involves bi-weekly payments of around $40 to $150 including applicable joining fees on top of recurring costs for additional services like personal training ($50 to $100/hour), and additional family members. Call your local gym for more details.

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