BODYBAR Pilates Prices 2024: Membership Cost & Prices List

Pilates is shaking up the fitness game, and BODYBAR Pilates is right there in the mix. This workout targets your core, amps up your flexibility, and conditions your whole body.

Thinking about hopping on the BODYBAR Pilates bandwagon? You'll want to get the details on their prices, special deals, and whatnot. Here’s your one-stop-shop guide.

At a Glance:

  • BODYBAR Pilates specializes in core-strengthening workouts that also improve flexibility and body conditioning.
  • Pricing options include single classes, multi-class packs, and monthly memberships for more savings.
  • Open weekdays from 5 am to 8:30 PM, and weekends from 8 am to 6 pm.

Introduction to BODYBAR Pilates

Introduction to BODYBAR Pilates Gym

At BODYBAR Pilates, you’ll find an all-encompassing workout program that thoroughly engages the body, targeting essential muscle groups. It’s an inclusive regimen, welcoming novices who are taking their first steps in Pilates as well as veterans looking to deepen their practice.

These high-intensity, low-impact workouts are ideal for enhancing flexibility, muscle strength, posture, and overall health. The studio lineup includes entry-level courses, focused training for specific areas of the body, and more intense sessions for those with a strong Pilates foundation.


Equipped with state-of-the-art apparatus, BODYBAR creates an environment that blends the intensity of modern Pilates with a friendly, neighborhood vibe. The journey of BODYBAR began in Dallas with Laurie and Steve Gatlin opening their doors in 2012. With the Gatlins joining forces with the McCollums, the establishment has expanded its horizons.

Introduction to BODYBAR Pilates

Today, BODYBAR welcomes members with flexible hours throughout the week (5 am until 8:30 pm on weekdays, and shorter hours on weekends) and is a fixture in various locales including Dallas, Alpharetta, and Tampa, showcasing its broad appeal and dedication to fostering a sense of community among its clientele.

BODYBAR Pilates Prices

BODYBAR Pilates Prices

At BODYBAR Pilates, the monthly membership cost usually ranges between $150 to $250, though this can differ based on the specific studio location and any promotions they might be running at the time.

BODYBAR Pilates Prices

The studio prioritizes safety and requires members to wear non-slip grip socks during sessions, which can be bought on-site. Clients are advised to dress comfortably for their workouts and to consider bringing along a towel and water for convenience.

BODYBAR Pilates Prices

Personal items can be stored in the cubbies provided. In an effort to create a comfortable atmosphere for everyone, clients are asked to leave behind any bulky jewelry, not to wear overpowering scents, and to turn off their cell phones during class.

BODYBAR Pilates Prices

Welcoming those who are 13 years of age and older, BODYBAR Pilates has particular requirements for minors. Teens aged 16 to 18 are asked to present a waiver signed by a parent or guardian. For those aged 13 to 15, they can join in on group classes as long as they are accompanied by an adult who has signed the necessary waiver.

For private sessions, BODYBAR ensures these younger participants can be accompanied by a guardian, whether present for supervision or as a participant themselves.

BODYBAR Pilates Membership Cost

BODYBAR Pilates Membership Cost

Pilates devotees looking to enhance their workout routine can choose from two main membership types:

  • Cheers Membership – Unlimited Membership. Aimed at the dedicated Pilates practitioner, this top-tier membership offers unlimited class attendance and full access to studio amenities for an estimated $250 per month. It’s a perfect fit for those who plan to frequent the studio regularly and want to dive deep into the Pilates experience, offering the flexibility to attend any class without restriction.
  • Speakeasy Membership – 2x a Week Membership. For those juggling a busy schedule or combining Pilates with other exercise activities, the Speakeasy membership allows for two classes per week at an estimated cost of around $150 per month. This option suits members looking to balance Pilates with other commitments by providing a manageable, yet consistent, Pilates practice.

BODYBAR Pilates Drop-In Price

BODYBAR Pilates Drop-In Price

At BODYBAR Pilates, the drop-in option is tailored for flexibility, costing around $30 per session and catering to those who prefer to schedule workouts at their convenience or are just visiting.

Personal Trainer & Group Class Prices

BODYBAR Pilates Personal Trainer Prices

Personal training at BODYBAR is an individualized experience, with sessions at approximately $85 per hour for focused, personal guidance and specific fitness targets.

BODYBAR Pilates Group Class Prices

Alternatively, the group classes provide a communal workout environment priced similarly to drop-ins, creating a vibrant atmosphere led by professional instructors for about $30 per class. These pricing options cater to various needs, from casual one-off classes to more personalized or community-oriented Pilates experiences.

Day Pass, Guest Pass Pricing, and Free Pass

Day Pass, Guest Pass Pricing, and Free Pass

BODYBAR Pilates offers various pass options catering to both newcomers and current members. A day pass, typically costing $45, offers a chance to experience any class and use the facilities for an entire day—great for those evaluating the studio or in town temporarily. For current members looking to introduce friends or family to the studio, guest passes are available for $25, giving their visitors a taste of a Pilates class.

Additionally, the studio sometimes provides a free pass, which grants one day of access at no cost, allowing potential new members to explore what BODYBAR Pilates has to offer. These passes are designed to meet the diverse preferences of individuals, whether they seek a single workout or a full day of Pilates exploration.

BODYBAR Pilates Prices List

Here’s a price list of BODYBAR Pilates memberships and services.

BODYBAR Pilates Prices List:




Cheers Membership


Speakeasy Membership


Group Classes:

Single Class/Drop In


5-Class Pack


10-Class Pack


15-Class Pack


50-Class Pack


BODYBAR Pilates Membership Pricing Compared to Other Fitness Brands

BODYBAR Pilates Membership Pricing Compared to Other Fitness Brands

In the competitive landscape of fitness clubs, pricing plays a crucial role for consumers looking for the best value. Here’s a quick comparison of BODYBAR Pilates with other prominent Pilates and fitness brands.

BODYBAR Pilates vs. Club Pilates

BODYBAR Pilates, with membership prices around $150 to $250, positions itself in the mid to high-end market. In contrast, Club Pilates offers a wider range of membership options that might start at a lower entry point, catering to budget-conscious clients while also providing premium options.

BODYBAR Pilates vs. Soap

Soap, known for its diverse wellness offerings beyond Pilates, may have a different pricing structure. BODYBAR’s specialized focus on Pilates allows for a consistent pricing model dedicated solely to Pilates enthusiasts, which might be slightly higher due to this specialized service.

BODYBAR Pilates vs. BarBell

BarBell, which possibly focuses more on weight training and cardio, typically has a different pricing tier. BODYBAR Pilates’ prices reflect its Pilates-centric approach and might be higher compared to BarBell’s broader fitness-oriented memberships.

BODYBAR Pilates vs. Pilates Body Barre

Pilates Body Barre may offer a similar range of Pilates classes but could vary in pricing based on session packages or membership perks. BODYBAR Pilates maintains competitive rates with its personalized and group sessions, potentially offering a more boutique experience.

BODYBAR Pilates Workouts & Classes

BODYBAR Pilates Workouts & Classes

Visitors stepping into BODYBAR Pilates are greeted with a workout environment that promises to engage every muscle group thoroughly. The sessions here are designed to be both high-energy yet low-strain, which works wonders for boosting flexibility, strength, and improving posture—a total package for a healthier lifestyle.

The allure of Reformer Pilates at BODYBAR is strong among those targeting specific health goals or athletes looking to up their game through enhanced endurance, coordination, and balance. If a splash of variety is what someone seeks in their exercise routine, BODYBAR Pilates could very well be the missing piece to their fitness puzzle.

BODYBAR offers a spectrum of classes suitable for all:

BODYBAR Pilates Workouts & Classes

  • Foundation Classes – These are stepping stones for beginners, introducing them to the basics of reformer Pilates.
  • Reform + Refine Classes – These classes elevate the workout with Reformer and Power Tower sessions, providing a more intense experience.
  • Specialty Classes – Focusing on particular areas like the lower body or core, these sessions accommodate various expertise levels.
  • Advanced Classes – Challenging even for the seasoned, these classes demand prior reformer experience and promise an intensified workout.

The studio also presents two distinct class formats:

BODYBAR Pilates Workouts & Classes

  • BODYBAR Reformer – A dynamic, cardio-infused class that stands as the studio’s signature offering.
  • BODYBAR Classic – A class focused on helping participants build their proficiency and confidence on the Reformer.

Moreover, BODYBAR Pilates extends its accessibility through a mobile app, allowing users to manage their fitness journey from booking to workouts, available on both Android and iOS devices.

Curious about the BODYBAR Pilates classes? Watch the videos below.

Here’s a video introducing the BODYBAR Pilates Classic class.

And here’s a video intro for the BODYBAR Pilates Reformer class.

BODYBAR Pilates Hours & Locations Near Me

BODYBAR Pilates Hours & Locations Near Me

BODYBAR Pilates tailors its opening hours to accommodate early risers and evening fitness enthusiasts alike. The doors open at 5 am on most weekdays, catering to those who prefer to get their workout done before the day starts, and wind down by 7:30 to 8:30 pm for after-work exercisers.

Weekday schedules are split; on Mondays and Tuesdays, the studios welcome members from 5 am until noon, and reopen for evening sessions from 4:30 to 8:30 pm. Wednesdays start an hour later at 6 am but close at similar evening hours. On Thursdays and Fridays, sessions run from 5 am to 1 pm, with Thursday evenings offering additional classes until 7:30 pm. Weekends are for late starters, with Saturday classes from 7 am to noon and Sundays from 9 am to noon.

Finding a nearby BODYBAR Pilates studio is straightforward with their online locator, which requests a zip code and directs to local studio options. The network of studios, including locations in Dallas, Alpharetta, Downtown Tampa, Plano, and Katy, shares a collective commitment to elevating fitness experiences while maintaining their unique local flavor. Each studio, like the one in Fort Worth which showcases its community and classes at its specific webpage, strives to deliver on BODYBAR Pilates’ promise of a superior fitness journey.

You can also easily locate a nearby BODYBAR Pilates using Google Maps.

BODYBAR Pilates Reviews

BODYBAR Pilates Reviews

With a rating of mostly 5 stars out of 5 on Google, it is easy to assume that BODYBAR Pilates is considered a good fitness choice for most people.

Some reviewers appreciate the effective workouts that don’t make them sweat a lot. Many also praise the instructors who provide personalized instructions. Other reviews mentioned about the gorgeous environment and variety of classes. The staff are also warm and welcoming. Perhaps the only drawback that some people say is the steep price.

BODYBAR Pilates Franchise Cost

BODYBAR Pilates Franchise Cost

The fitness landscape is flourishing, and BODYBAR Pilates is offering entrepreneurs with ambition a gateway into this thriving $12 billion market. Tailor-made for those fired up about health and eager to steer their own ship, BODYBAR is calling on both established business figures and aspiring trailblazers to step up as a “BODYBAR Boss.” Taking the franchise route with BODYBAR isn’t just a savvy financial move—it’s a chance to contribute meaningfully to the health of one’s community.

To open a BODYBAR Pilates franchise, the costs are:

  • Single Studio: Costs range from $229,375 to $389,500.
  • Area Development: Costs range from $304,375 to $464,500.

Plus, ongoing 7% royalty and 1% advertising fees on gross revenues.

How to Cancel BODYBAR Pilates Membership

How to Cancel BODYBAR Pilates Membership

If you need to cancel your BODYBAR Pilates membership, you’ll have to send a written notice via email directly to the studio where you signed up. Keep in mind that cancellation policies vary by location.

When it comes to class cancellations, try to do so well before the 10-hour mark to avoid penalties. For members with an unlimited pass, a $20 fee applies for missing a class without the proper heads-up, and for those with a limited class pack, it’ll cost you one of your sessions. Also, remember to show up on time; being more than five minutes late could mean losing your spot in class along with a potential no-show fee.

How to Update BODYBAR Pilates Membership

How to Update BODYBAR Pilates Membership

When considering a membership update, BODYBAR Pilates provides two options: “Cheers” for an unlimited class buffet, or “Speakeasy” for a twice-a-week commitment. The choice depends on what fits your lifestyle and fitness goals.

Conclusion: How Much Does BODYBAR Pilates Cost?

BODYBAR Pilates Cost

BODYBAR Pilates offers memberships for Pilates enthusiasts, with the “Cheers” unlimited membership at approximately $250 per month for those seeking regular studio visits and the “Speakeasy” option at around $150 per month for a twice-weekly commitment. Drop-in sessions are about $30, and personal training is close to $85 per hour, providing flexibility and tailored fitness experiences.

If you’re intrigued by BODYBAR Pilates and its offerings, consider your fitness goals and pick a membership that suits your lifestyle. Ready to get started or want more information? Reach out to BODYBAR Pilates directly and take the first step towards your Pilates journey.


BODYBAR Pilates Prices

1) What Should I Wear/Bring To Class at BODYBAR Pilates?

  • Wear Non-Slip Grip Socks (available for purchase).
  • Wear comfy clothes, bring a towel and water.
  • Store belongings in cubbies. Remove large jewelry, avoid strong fragrances, and turn off cell phones.

2) How Do I Sign Up for A BODYBAR Pilates Class?

  • Register online by creating a profile and adding credit card details.
  • Schedule opens two weeks in advance. Book early as classes fill up.

3) Is There an Age Requirement at BODYBAR Pilates?

  • Ages 13 and up are welcome.
  • 16-18 years need parental consent.
  • Ages 13-15 require a parent to attend or be present.

4) What Is The BODYBAR Pilates Cancellation Policy?

  • Cancel before 10 hours to avoid charges.
  • Late or no-show fees apply depending on package type.
  • Memberships must be canceled in writing.

5) How Do I Schedule A Private BODYBAR Pilates Session?

  • Contact local BODYBAR studio for non-class hour sessions.
  • Cancel within 12 hours to avoid charges.

6) What If A Class Is Full Online?

  • Join the waitlist.
  • Cancel within 10 hours if you can’t attend after being moved from the waitlist.

7) What Is BODYBAR Pilates Refund Policy?

  • Classes/Services: Refunds available within 7 days if unused; afterward, only studio credit.
  • Retail: Returns within 30 days in original condition. Sale items are final.

8) What Is The BODYBAR Pilates Termination Policy?

  • Cancel memberships in writing.
  • Early termination of 6 or 12-month contracts incurs a $150 fee.
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