HOTWORX Pricing 2024: How Much Is Membership Cost & Prices List for Classes, Workouts

HOTWORX isn't your usual gym - it's a groundbreaking fitness haven that marries workouts with infrared heat therapy. This overview peels back the layers of HOTWORX, touching on its unique approach, goals, and operations. It will also spotlight the wide array of classes, distinct gym sizes, operating hours across locations, and cover important aspects like pricing and membership options.
Strap in for an enlightening deep dive into the world of HOTWORX..


At a Glance:

  • HOTWORX has expanded its presence across the US with over 200 fitness locations, offering convenient access for fitness enthusiasts.
  • Encouraging a strong sense of community, HOTWORX organizes engaging events and challenges to promote a healthy lifestyle among its members.
  • HOTWORX offers flexible pricing options. Drop-in visits are $20 per session, while monthly memberships start from $99, providing unlimited access to any HOTWORX location.

Introduction to HOTWORX

Introduction to HOTWORX

HOTWORX is a unique exercise program that combines infrared heat absorption with quick, effective workouts. You go for either a 30-minute isometric workout or a 15-minute HIIT session. These workouts take place in special infrared saunas, that enhance your exercise experience. The mix of infrared heat and exercise offers many benefits like burning calories, detoxification, muscle recovery, improved flexibility, and better cardiovascular conditioning.


Stephen P. Smith, the founder of Planet Beach and HOTWORX, created a patented infrared fitness sauna in 2014. In 2017, he opened the first HOTWORX 24-Hour Infrared Fitness Studio and established the HOTWORX Franchise. HOTWORX provides members with unlimited access to virtually instructed, infrared sauna workouts. They use a powerful approach called 3D Training, combining heat, infrared energy, and exercise to help members achieve their fitness goals.


HOTWORX is experiencing rapid growth, with over 200 locations currently open in the United States, nearly 300 units in the active opening pipeline, and an additional 490 in the early stages of development.

how much does hotworx cost

This article will explain how much HOTWORX memberships cost. Knowing this will help you decide if joining a HOTWORX gym is a good fit for you. It’s all about starting your fitness journey with confidence!



HOTWORX offers flexible pricing options to fit different customer preferences. Drop-in visits cost $20.00 per session. If you plan to train regularly, you can opt for the monthly membership that comes with unlimited access to any HOTWORX location. The price is from $99.00.

how much is hotworx

New members need to pay a one-time initiation fee of $99.00 for the account setup and gym orientation. The higher cost of HOTWORX reflects the specialized fitness experience it offers. The unique infrared sauna workouts offer benefits like detoxification, weight loss, and improved cardiovascular health, all within quick 15 to 30-minute sessions.


HOTWORX gyms have top-notch facilities, including infrared saunas, virtual instructors, and a range of workout equipment. Skilled trainers are also available to offer guidance and support to members.

A Single Class Price at HOTWORX

A Single HOTWORX Class Price

A single or drop-in session costs around $20.00. If you plan on visiting multiple times in a week or month, you can save more by getting a monthly membership that starts from $99.00 (only $59.00/month for a 3-month commitment).

HOTWORX Memberships Cost & Type

hotworx membership cost

The wallet-friendly pricing at HOTWORX offers two monthly memberships. At $99.99/month, the Basic plan lets you access all HOTWORX locations and instructor-led virtual workouts. The VIP plan, at $149.00/month, comes with perks like access to an on-demand workout library, merchandise discounts, and exclusive event invites. Both plans have a one-time $99.00 initiation fee for newcomers.

hotworx membership cost

They also have a deal for the devoted fitness enthusiast: an unlimited membership for $59/month, which requires a 3-month commitment. This plan offers access to unlimited classes round-the-clock, every day. For an extra ten bucks, you can get a personal trainer on the app and workout at any HOTWORX studio across the US. So, whatever your fitness goals, HOTWORX has a plan for you!

HOTWORX Packages Prices

HOTWORX Packages Prices

HOTWORX caters to varied fitness needs with flexible class packages. You can grab a single class for $20.00, or go for a bulk buy:

  • 5 sessions for $85.00 (translates to $17.00/class)
  • 10 sessions for $160.00 ($16.00/class)
  • 20 sessions for $300.00 ($15.00/class)

Keep in mind that prices might differ based on location or ongoing offers, so it’s a good idea to check with your local HOTWORX gym for the latest on pricing and package options. Get set to sweat it out at HOTWORX!

HOTWORX Prices List

HOTWORX Prices List:



Single Class / Drop-in


Class Package Price:

5 Classes


10 Classes


20 Classes


Membership Cost:

Initiation Fee


Basic Membership


VIP Membership


Special Unlimited Membership (requires 3-month commitment)

$59.00/$69.00 with access to a personal trainer and all locations

** Check with the nearest studio for the actual prices.

HOTWORX Classes Prices & Types

HOTWORX Classes Prices & Types

HOTWORX offers a variety of workout classes, each with a price of $20.00 per session.

Whether you’re looking for high-intensity isometric postures, yoga, Pilates, cardio and strength training, core-focused workouts, lower body exercises, resistance band workouts, or a blend of ballet, Pilates, and yoga, HOTWORX has a class for you.

The cost is the same for all classes, providing an exciting and effective fitness experience. Here’s the lineup:

  • HOT ISO: Pump up your strength and calorie burn with high-intensity isometric postures. Costs $20.00 per class.
  • HOT Yoga: Blend strength, flexibility, and mindfulness in this athletic yoga variant for a holistic health boost. $20.00 gets you in.
  • Hot Pilates: Using Pilates-style movements, this class zooms in on core strength, flexibility, and balance, all for $20.00 per session.
  • HOT Warrior: This advanced combo of cardio and strength training using isometric postures will challenge you to torch calories and build stamina. Each session costs $20.00.
  • HOT Core: Focus on abs, hips, and lower back for a fortified core and better stability, priced at $20.00 per workout.
  • HOT Buns: For $20.00, get those lower body muscles working hard with resistance bands and bodyweight exercises.
  • HOT Bands: At $20.00 a pop, experience an intense total body resistance band workout to strengthen and tone muscles.
  • HOT Barre None: Dance and fitness come together in a full-body workout blending ballet, Pilates, and yoga elements, priced at $20.00 per class.

Keep in mind that rates can change based on location or special deals, so touch base with your local HOTWORX gym for accurate pricing and class info. Time to embrace the heat at HOTWORX!

Here is a video introduction to the HOTWORX classes.

HOTWORKS Family Plan Cost

HOTWORKS Family Plan Cost

HOTWORX introduces a fabulous family deal that lets you bring a family member on board for a mere $30.00/month extra. This membership gives you and your loved ones unlimited access to any and all HOTWORX locations and classes, including their much-raved-about infrared sauna workouts. They’re specially designed to torch calories, cleanse your body, and enhance your health and wellness.

To expand your membership to include a family member, just have a quick chat with a friendly HOTWORX representative at your local gym. They’ll walk you through the process and get you signed up. Get ready to share the sweat and fun with your family at HOTWORX!

HOTWORX Mat and Towel Cost

HOTWORX Mat and Towel Cost

At HOTWORX, you’ll need their special mat and towel for Iso workouts. Crafted to withstand heat and keep things sanitary, these items can be rented for $5.00 or purchased for $50.00 ($100.00 to $125 on the market).

HOTWORX Mat and Towel Cost

The towels are eco-friendly, super absorbent, and anti-slip, while the mats are infused with natural hemp fibers, making them perfect for HOTWORX and other exercises. Gear up for a secure and comfy workout experience!

HOTWORX Mat and Towel Cost

In addition, in order to help you enter the HOTWORX gyms smoothly. Below is a video guide on using the HOTWORX gyms.

HOTWORX Location Near Me Prices

HOTWORX Near Me Location Prices

As of writing, there are over 210 HOTWORX locations open in the United States, with close to 300 units in the active opening pipeline and another 490 in the early stages of development.

HOTWORX Near Me Location Prices

HOTWORX offers flexible pricing options for its customers. For drop-in visits, the cost is $20 per session. In addition, the monthly membership cost starts from $99. This membership provides unlimited access to any HOTWORX location.

For accurate pricing information, it is best to visit the HOTWORX website or contact a specific HOTWORX gym or studio directly. Additionally, you can use Google Maps or other location-based services to find HOTWORX studios near your current location.



HOTWORX, an innovative fitness concept blending workouts with infrared heat therapy, offers a distinctive gym experience with more than 200 locations across the US. The blend of infrared heat and exercise delivers many health benefits. Its unique membership options cater to diverse fitness goals, and pricing starts from $20.00 for a single session, with monthly plans from $99.00.


The main draw of HOTWORX is its specialized infrared sauna workouts, helping members detoxify, lose weight, and boost cardiovascular health in quick 30-minute sessions. The gym’s facilities are top-notch, including infrared saunas, a range of workout equipment, and virtual instructors.

hotworx cost

With a variety of flexible pricing and membership options, HOTWORX caters to every budget. Take the plunge into the warm embrace of HOTWORX workouts – it’s all about starting your fitness journey with confidence. Discover the right plan for you today!

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