CorePower Yoga Prices List 2024: Cost of Yoga Classes, Yoga Sculpt & Hot Yoga

At a Glance:

  • CorePower Yoga provides a diverse range of classes specifically designed to challenge and inspire individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners.
  • CorePower Yoga provides a multitude of flexible pricing options tailored to fit various budgets and preferences, ensuring accessibility and affordability for all.
  • Their pricing options include affordable drop-in classes priced at $23, as well as discounted class packs and membership programs to cater to the varying needs and lifestyles of their clients.

Introduction to CorePower Yoga

Introduction to CorePower Yoga

CorePower Yoga is a prominent yoga studio chain that originated in Denver, CO, in 2002, and has since expanded its footprint to over 200 locations across 23 states in the US. The studio prides itself on offering a wide array of yoga classes, such as Vinyasa, Hot Power Fusion, Yoga Sculpt, and more, all aimed at enhancing physical strength and tone, while also promoting mindfulness and relaxation.

CorePower Yoga goes beyond just traditional yoga classes, as it also provides comprehensive teacher training programs, immersive retreats, and informative workshops. The studio’s ultimate mission is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment, where individuals of all levels and abilities can comfortably explore the benefits of yoga and cultivate a more profound connection between the mind and body.

CorePower Yoga Prices

CorePower Yoga Prices

At CorePower Yoga, a basic single class costs $23.00, class packs range from $155.00 to $539.00, and monthly memberships start at $189.00 per month, which includes unlimited access to all classes.

CorePower Yoga also offers the Black Tag membership, which gives you unlimited access to all classes, including the Ultimate class. The Black Tag membership costs around $199 per month, which may seem steep, but it’s a great value if you plan on attending multiple classes per week.

To give you an idea on how much to prepare for yoga classes, here’s a rundown on CorePower Yoga’s pricing:

How Much Is a CorePower Class?

How Much Is a CorePower Class

CorePower Yoga has a range of pricing options suitable for everyone, regardless of their experience level or budget. You can choose from single and drop-in classes starting from $23.00 if you prefer a flexible schedule.

Alternatively, if you want a more structured approach, class packs are available, offering 5 classes for $109 or 10 classes for $199. Monthly memberships start at $139, which includes unlimited classes, discounts on retail purchases, and exclusive workshops. These options provide value for your money and cater to all levels of yogis.

Prices for All CorePower Yoga Classes

Prices for All CorePower Yoga Classes

Here are the general pricing details for all packages:

  1. 1 Class (standard) – Standard price for a single standard, all-access class is $32.00
  2. Drop-in Class: Enjoy a drop-in class at CorePower Yoga for a reasonable price of $23.00 to $28.00 per class, depending on the location.
  3. New Student Offers: As a new student, you can take advantage of discounted rates at CorePower Yoga. These offers may include free classes, discounted class packages, or reduced rates for the first month of practice.
  4. Class Packages: CorePower Yoga offers class bundles, which allow you to purchase multiple classes at once for a lower price per class. The cost of these bundles varies depending on the number of classes purchased, ranging typically from $155.00 to $539.00 for 5 to 20 classes.
  5. Monthly Memberships: With monthly memberships, you can attend a fixed number of classes each month for a fixed rate. The cost of these memberships varies depending on the location. Typically, the cost is $125.00/ month per person ($84.00 for the first month).
  6. Annual Memberships: Unlimited access to CorePower Yoga classes for a year is possible with an annual membership. The cost of these memberships varies depending on the location, ranging typically from $1,500.00 to $2,000. Enjoy a whole year of wellness and empowerment!

** Note: Live stream and special discounted packages are also available for seniors, students, teachers and military.

CorePower Yoga Prices List

CorePower Yoga Prices List:



Drop-in Class (limited access)


All Access Membership (Month-to-Month):

One Person Monthly Membership


Class Packages:

1 Class (Standard)


5 Classes (Standard)


10 Classes (Standard)


Student, Senior, Teacher & Military:

Black Tag Membership - One Person (monthly)


First Month Only


Livestream Class Packs:

Single Class


5 Classes


Note: Specialty classes or workshops may have extra fees. Check with your local CorePower Yoga studio for up-to-date pricing information.

Prices for All CorePower Yoga Classes Types

Types of CorePower Yoga Classes

Following are the prices of the different types of classes offered by CorePower Yoga

CorePower 1

The foundation of all CorePower Yoga classes. Explore the basic principles and postures of Vinyasa yoga in CorePower 1, a class designed for foundational levels. The cost for a single class is typically around $23.

CorePower 1.5

This is an intermediate Vinyasa yoga class that helps advanced beginners transition from C1 to C2. The cost for a single class is also around $23.

CorePower 2

Take on more challenging postures and turn stress into sweat in CorePower 2, a challenging Vinyasa yoga class suitable for all levels. This class builds on the foundation of CorePower 1 and adds more challenging poses and sequences. The cost for a single class is typically around $23.

CorePower 3

Unleash your inner warrior and challenge yourself in CorePower 3, a high-intensity vinyasa yoga experience designed for advanced practitioners. The cost for a single class is typically around $23.

Yoga Sculpt

Build lean muscle and boost metabolism with Yoga Sculpt, a yoga-based workout that incorporates cardio and strength moves with weights. This class combines yoga with strength training using weights and resistance bands. Suitable for all levels. The Yoga Sculpt class costs $30.00 per single class or $155.00 per month.

Yoga Sculpt Bodyweight

This is a challenging workout that incorporates yoga, cardio, and strength moves to tone and strengthen muscles without the use of weights. This class uses your own body weight to build strength and endurance. Suitable for all levels. The cost for a single class is also around $28.

CorePower Strength X

This is a high-intensity strength training workout that combines energizing breathwork with heart-pumping movements, suitable for advanced fitness enthusiasts. This class uses weights and resistance bands to help you build muscle and tone your body. The cost for a single class is typically around $28.

Hot Power Fusion

This class combines the meditative qualities of hot yoga with the intensity of power yoga to create a detoxifying workout suitable for all levels. The cost for a single class is typically around $28.


This class helps you find inner peace and reduce stress through guided meditation. Ground your body and mind in the present moment with Meditation, a breathwork class suitable for all levels.  The cost for a single class is typically around $23.

Core Restorer

Reboot and rebuild with Core Restorer, a restorative yoga class that focuses on stretching and breathing, suitable for all levels. This class is perfect for those who want to unwind after a long day. The cost for a single class is typically around $23.

Note that you can save money by purchasing a package of classes. And the specific types of classes and descriptions may slightly vary, depending on the location.

Corepower Yoga All Access Membership

CorePower Yoga Prices List & Locations Near Me:

CorePower Yoga Prices List & Locations Near Me

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a yoga studio is the cost. CorePower Yoga offers different pricing options depending on the location, and we’ve compiled a list of monthly fees for some of their studios across the United States.

City (US)Prices
(single class)
Albuquerque, NM$23$139
Alexandria, VA$24$149
Ann Arbor, MI$23$139
Arlington, VA$24$149
Atlanta, GA$24$149
Austin, TX$24$149
Baltimore, MD$24$149
Berkeley, CA$24$159
Bethesda, MD$24$149
Beverly Hills, CA$29$179
Birmingham, MI$23$139
Boston, MA$24$149
Boulder, CO$24$149
Brentwood, CA$29$179
Brookline, MA$24$149
Brooklyn, NY$24$149
Buckhead, GA$24$149
Buffalo, NY$24$149
Burlingame, CA$29$179
Cambridge, MA$24$149
Capitol Hill, DC$24$149
Carlsbad, CA$24$149
Carmel Valley, CA$24$149
Carson, CA$24$149
Centennial, CO$24$149
Central Phoenix, AZ$24$149
Charlotte, NC$24$149
Cherry Creek, CO$24$149
Chicago, IL$24$149
Cincinnati, OH$24$149
City Center, MN$23$139
Clarendon, VA$23$139
Cleveland, OH$23$139
Colorado Springs, CO$23$139
Columbia, MD$23$139
Columbus, OH$23$139
Costa Mesa, CA$23$159
Cupertino, CA$23$159
Dallas, TX$23$139
Daly City, CA$23$159
Danville, CA$23$159
Del Mar, CA$23$159
Denver, CO$23$139
Detroit, MI$23$139
Dublin, CA$23$159
East Bay, CA$23$159
Edina, MN$23$139
El Segundo, CA$23$159
Encinitas, CA$23$159
Englewood, CO$23$139
Evanston, IL$23$139
Fairfax, VA$23$139
Falls Church, VA$23$139
Fort Collins, CO$23$139
Fort Worth, TX$23$139
Franklin, TN$23$139
Fremont, CA$23$159
Fresno, CA$23$159
Fulton Market, IL$23$139
Garden City, NY$23$159
Georgetown, DC$28$155
Glendale, AZ$25$149
Glendale, CA$28$175
Glendale, CO$25$155
Golden, CO$25$155
Grand Rapids, MI$25$149
Green Hills, TN$25$155
Greenwood Village, CO$25$155
H Street, DC$28$155
Hancock Park, CA$28$175
Harvard Square, MA$28$175
Henderson, NV$25$149
Highland Park, IL$25$155
Highlands Ranch, CO$25$155
Hillcrest, CA$28$175
Hollywood, CA$28$175
Honolulu, HI$28$175
Houston, TX$25$149
Irvine, CA$28$175
Jacksonville, FL$25$149
Kansas City, MO$25$149
Katy, TX$25$149
La Jolla, CA$28$175
La Verne, CA$28$175
Laguna Beach, CA$28$175
Lake Forest, CA$28$175
Lakewood, CO$25$155
Las Vegas, NV$25$149
Lincoln Park, IL$25$155
Littleton, CO$25$155
Long Beach, CA$26$149
Los Angeles, CA$26$149
Louisville, CO$26$149
Lynnwood, WA$26$149
Madison, WI$26$149
Marina del Rey, CA$26$149
Menlo Park, CA$26$149
Miami Beach, FL$26$149
Midtown Atlanta, GA$26$149
Midtown East, NY$32$189
Minneapolis, MN$26$149
Mission Viejo, CA$26$149
Monterey, CA$26$149
Montrose, CA$26$149
Mountain Brook, AL$26$149
Murray Hill, NY$32$189
Naperville, IL$26$149
Nashville, TN$26$149
Newport Beach, CA$26$149
Newton, MA$26$149
North Bethesda, MD$26$149
North Scottsdale, AZ$26$149
North Shore, IL$26$149
Northridge, CA$26$149
Novi, MI$26$149
Oak Park, IL$26$149
Oakland, CA$26$149
Old Town, IL$26$149
Omaha, NE$26$149
Orland Park, IL$26$149
Pacific Beach, CA$26$139
Pacific Palisades, CA$26$139
Palm Desert, CA$26$139
Palo Alto, CA$26$139
Paradise Valley, AZ$24$139
Park Meadows, CO$25$139
Pasadena, CA$26$139
Phoenix, AZ$24$139
Pike & Rose, MD$25$139
Pittsburgh, PA$24$139
Plano, TX$24$139
Playa Vista, CA$26$139
Pleasant Hill, CA$26$139
Point Loma, CA$26$139
Portland, OR$25$139
Potrero Hill, CA$26$139
Poway, CA$26$139
Princeton, NJ$25$139
Redondo Beach, CA$26$139
Reno, NV$24$139
Reston, VA$25$139
River North, IL$25$139
Rockville, MD$25$139
Roseville, CA$26$139
Sacramento, CA$26$139
Salt Lake City, UT$24$139
San Diego, CA$26$139
San Francisco, CA$26$139
San Jose, CA$26$139
San Marcos, CA$26$139
San Mateo, CA$28$139
San Ramon, CA$28$139
Santa Barbara, CA$28$139
Santa Clara, CA$28$139
Santa Monica, CA$28$159
Scottsdale, AZ$28$159
Seattle, WA$28$159
Sherman Oaks, CA$28$139
Short Hills, NJ$28$159
Silver Lake, CA$28$139
South Bay, CA$28$139
South Loop, IL$28$159
South Park, CA$28$139
Southlake, TX$28$159
St. Louis Park, MN$28$159
Stamford, CT$28$159
Studio City, CA$28$139
Summerlin, NV$28$159
Sunnyvale, CA$28$139
Sunset, CA$28$139
Superior, CO$28$139
Tempe, AZ$28$159
The Woodlands, TX$28$159
Thousand Oaks, CA$28$139
Toluca Lake, CA$28$139
Torrance, CA$28$139
Towson, MD$28$159
TriBeCa, NY$32$199
Tucson, AZ$28$159
Tysons Corner, VA$28$159
Union Street, CA$28$199
University City, MO$23$139
Uptown Minneapolis, MN$25$159
Uptown New Orleans, LA$23$159
Valencia, CA$28$199
Walnut Creek, CA$28$199
Washington, DC$28$199
Wayne, PA$28$199
West Loop, IL$25$159
Westchester, NY$28$199
Westlake Village, CA$28$199
Westminster, CO$23$159
Westwood, CA$28$199
White Plains, NY$28$199
Willow Glen, CA$28$199
Winter Park, FL$23$139
Woodbury, MN$25$159

Are you looking for a CorePower Yoga studio near you in the US? With over 200 locations across the country, finding a studio that fits your needs can be a daunting task. However, with the help of Google Maps, it’s easier than ever to find the perfect CorePower Yoga studio for you.


CorePower Yoga Cost

If you want a workout that will enhance both your mind or body, consider CorePower Yoga. For one, you can easily find one near you from among its over 200 studios in 23 states across the US that will suit your schedule and budget.

Likewise, you have the flexibility to pay for a single class for only $23.00 ($32.00 for all access) or sign up for multiple classes that cost from $155.00 to $539.00 depending on the number of classes. Although these are a bit higher compared to other studios, yoga classes and facilities at CorePower Yoga are guaranteed high quality.

So what are you waiting for? Visit their website to learn more and find a studio near you. Take the first step towards better health and wellbeing by trying CorePower Yoga today!

Namaste! 🙏

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