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Whether you're a fitness fan or a newcomer to healthier living, find all the details to confidently explore Lifetime Fitness and decide if it is for you.

At a Glance:

  • Founded in 1992, Lifetime Fitness now has over 150 locations across the US.
  • Membership options include individual, family, and corporate plans to suit diverse needs.
  • Lifetime Fitness emphasizes a balanced lifestyle, blending physical health with relaxation and social engagement.

Introduction to Lifetime Fitness Gym

Introduction to Lifetime Fitness Gym

A dynamic hub that caters to diverse fitness needs, at Lifetime Fitness, you’ll find a plethora of workout options tailored to your preferences. This premier fitness destination is owned by Leonard Green & Partners and TPG Capital. Spearheading the journey is CEO Bahram Akradi, who drives the gym’s commitment to excellence.

Lifetime Fitness Gym

Rooted in a rich history since its founding in 1992, Lifetime Fitness has grown into a network of over 150 locations spread across the United States. These locations showcase the gym’s dedication to providing state-of-the-art facilities, including swimming pools, indoor tracks, basketball courts, and more. It’s not just about working out; it’s about a holistic wellness experience that enhances both physical and mental well-being.

Lifetime Fitness Gym

Moreover, Lifetime Fitness’s engaging blog offers insights into fitness, nutrition, and well-being, enriching your fitness journey beyond the gym floor. This inclusive approach fosters a sense of community and support, encouraging individuals of all fitness levels to embark on their personal wellness odyssey.

Lifetime Fitness Prices: How Much Is Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness Prices: How Much Is Lifetime Fitness

Lifetime Fitness offers a range of membership options influenced by location and benefits. On average, monthly memberships begin at around $72.00, covering tiers for individuals, couples, and families. Individual rates range from $72.00 to $219.00 per month, while couple memberships range from $122.00 to $369.00 Family memberships are priced between $142.00 and $499.00 per month.

LifeTime Fitness Prices

Student pricing variations and family discounts may apply. Flexibility is granted through day and guest passes, averaging about $10.00 to $50.00.

Individually priced services include massage, personal training, Pilates, salon amenities, spa treatments, haircuts, and swim lessons. Massage, personal training, and Pilates classes typically range from $60.00 to $100.00. Salon, spa, and haircut services have distinct pricing.

lifetime fitness prices

Lifetime Fitness communicates occasional pricing updates officially. Additional offerings like cafes, summer camps, and birthday packages come with varying costs. Assessing Lifetime Fitness’ value is a personal consideration, influenced by facilities, services, classes, and alignment with fitness goals and lifestyle.

How Much Is a Drop In/Single Class?

How Much is Lifetime Fitness

The single class or drop-in price can vary based on the location and the specific class or activity you’re interested in. On average, the drop-in price for a single class at Lifetime Fitness ranges from $10.00 to $50.00.

However, please note that this range is an approximate estimate and the actual price may differ depending on factors such as the type of class, the location of the gym, and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

LifeTime Fitness Membership Cost

LifeTime Fitness Membership Cost

At Lifetime Fitness, membership pricing offers a variety of options tailored to preferences. Prices vary based on factors like location, membership type, and benefits. On average, monthly membership prices start at around $72.00.

Tiers include individual, couple, and family options. Individual membership prices range approximately from $72.00 to $269.00. Couple memberships span around $122.00 to $369.00. Family memberships, available for couples plus 2 kids, are available from $142.00 to $449.00. Students and individuals may have different pricing with possible family discounts.

Pass and Entry Pricing

Lifetime Fitness Day Pass prices, free pass and Entry Pricing

For flexible access, Lifetime Fitness offers day passes and guest passes, ideal for one-time visits. The day pass price typically ranges from $10.00 to $50.00, while the guest pass price varies similarly.

Service Pricing

LifeTime Fitness Service Prices

Lifetime Fitness offers diverse services: massage, personal training, Pilates, salon amenities, spa treatments, haircuts, and swim lessons. Each service has distinct pricing. Massages generally range around $60.00 to $100.00. Personal training fees and Pilates class costs are similar. Pilates classes typically cost about $60 to $100. Salon, spa, and haircut prices vary based on the services provided.

Other Services Pricing

LifeTime Fitness Additional services prices like cafes, summer camps, and birthday packages have varied pricing

Lifetime Fitness occasionally updates pricing, available on their website or through customer service. Additional services like cafes, summer camps, and birthday packages have varied pricing. For instance, cafe prices may range around $5.00 to $15.00, summer camps could start at approximately $100.00 per session, and birthday packages might vary from $150.00 to $300.00.

Discounts or negotiation may apply; inquire directly for details. Annual price adjustments can be found through official channels. Value determination depends on facilities, services, classes, and personal fitness goals.

Lifetime Fitness Prices List

Following is a price table with an estimate of the average prices for the different service categories and memberships:

LifeTime Fitness Prices List:



Individual Membership:

Initiation Fee


Monthly – Single Club Access

Starts from $72.00

Monthly – Multiple Club Access

Starts from $79.00

Paid for 1 Year

Starts from $900.00

Couple Membership:

Initiation Fee


Monthly – Single Club Access

Starts from $122.00

Monthly – Multiple Club Access

Starts from $129.00

Paid for 1 Year

Starts from $1,500.00

Family (2 adults+2 children under 12)

Initiation Fee


Monthly – Single Club Access

Starts from $142.00

Monthly – Multiple Club Access

Starts from $149.00

Paid for 1 Year

Starts from $1,700.00


Day Pass (valid for 1 day in 1 location)

Starts from $10.00

Student and Military

Ask your nearest location.

Other Services

Starts at $5.00, depending on the service

Lifetime Fitness Prices Compared to Other Gym Brands

Lifetime Fitness Prices Compared to Other Gym Brands

Diving into the world of fitness memberships? Here’s a quick snapshot comparing some top choices. Buckle up, and let’s get started!

Lifetime Fitness vs. Equinox

Equinox oozes luxury and class, often edging out even Lifetime’s priciest tiers. It’s like the Rolls-Royce of gyms – you’re paying for top-notch facilities and an elite vibe.

Lifetime Fitness vs. LA Fitness

LA Fitness is like the dependable family sedan – reliable and versatile, but without the frills. It’s a notch below Lifetime in terms of swankiness but offers good value for its price.

Lifetime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness is a friendly neighborhood bike. It’s affordable and inviting, especially for gym rookies. They don’t flaunt many bells and whistles, but they sure are wallet-friendly.

Lifetime Fitness vs. YMCA

The YMCA feels like the community park. It’s not just a place to work out; it’s a hub for families and community events. Prices are usually reasonable, and they’ve got that heartwarming community spirit.

Lifetime Fitness vs. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is a handy scooter, always there when you need it. They might not have sprawling spaces like Lifetime, but they’re open 24/7, offering a balance of convenience and essentials.

Lifetime Fitness vs. 24 Hour Fitness

24 Hour Fitness offers various membership options, and these prices can be on par with or slightly below Lifetime Fitness. Both gyms offer a variety of fitness choices.

LifeTime Membership Prices Monthly vs. Other Gyms – Comparison Table

LifeTime Fitness Prices vs. Other Gyms Prices

Gym Brand:

Prices: (Monthly)

LifeTime Fitness

$72.00 to $219.00


Starts from $210.00

$35.00 to $55.00

Planet Fitness

$10.00 to $25.00

$45.00 to $65.00

$30.00 to $50.00

* Friendly reminder: Gym rates swing based on location, promotions, and more. It’s always wise to give the local branch a ring for the freshest info!

Can You Negotiate Price at Lifetime Fitness?

Can You Negotiate Price at Lifetime Fitness

Just like haggling at a flea market, it’s all about approach and timing at Lifetime Fitness. While they have standard rates, there’s no harm in trying to snag a deal. Tips for success? Visit during a promotion, express genuine interest, but show hesitation about the price. Sometimes, they might offer a discount or throw in a few perks to seal the deal. Remember, confidence is key, and the worst they can say is “no.” Happy negotiating!

Is Apple Fitness Free with a Lifetime Membership?

Is Apple Fitness Free with a Lifetime Membership

If you’re a member of Lifetime, good news! You can now enjoy Apple Fitness+ without paying extra. Normally, Fitness+ is $9.99 monthly or $79.99 yearly. Meanwhile, Lifetime’s monthly fee hovers around $72.00, but it might change a bit based on where you are. Cool, right?

What Is the Highest-Level Membership at Lifetime Fitness?

What Is the Highest-Level Membership at Lifetime Fitness

The highest level of membership at LifeTime Fitness? It’s an individual, couple, or family membership with multi-club access. It provides access to even the most premium locations plus a variety of amenities and services. Price starts from $79.00 for individuals, $129.00 for couples, and $149.00 for families.

Workouts & Services Options Lifetime Fitness Provide

Life Time Fitness is like the Swiss Army knife of gyms – they’ve got something for everyone! Let’s break it down:

Workout Highlights:

Lifetime Fitness Workout Highlights & Prices:

  • Group Fitness: Think yoga, spin, dance, HIIT, and tons more. It’s not just about breaking a sweat; it’s a vibe and camaraderie thing.
  • Cardio Corner: Your faves like treadmills, bikes, and rowers are all lined up and ready.
  • Muscle-Up Zone: From dumbbells to machines, they’ve got the tools to sculpt and pump.
  • Functional Fun: TRX, kettlebells, ropes – oh my! It’s all about real-world strength.
  • Pool Splash: Swim laps or just chill in their cool pools. They’re not just for show!

Cool Services:

LifeTime Fitness other cool Service Prices: Spa treatments

  • Personal Training: Get fit with pros tailoring workouts just for you.
  • Eat Right: Nutritionists on deck to guide your munchies.
  • Relax & Unwind: Spa treatments to soothe those muscles? Yes, please!
  • Flex & Flow: Yoga and Pilates sessions for those bendy goals.
  • Game On: Join the team and have fun with sports leagues.
  • Kiddo Corner: Workout worry-free; they’ll watch the little ones.
  • Learn & Mingle: From workshops to socials, it’s about the whole experience.
  • Heal & Rehab: Some spots even have physical therapy!

This is just a taste; individual clubs might shake things up a bit. But one thing’s for sure, Lifetime isn’t your average gym! Always good to hit up your local club to see what’s cookin’.

Explore additional training classes here:

LifeTime Fitness Location Near Me Prices

LifeTime Fitness Location Near Me Prices

With over 150 locations across the United States, LifeTime Fitness offers convenient access for fitness enthusiasts nationwide.

They provide a variety of pricing options, including drop-in rates ranging from $10.00 to $50.00 per visit. Monthly memberships start at $72, granting unlimited access to all LifeTime locations and their diverse amenities and fitness programs.

To find the nearest LifeTime location, use Google Maps or similar location-based tools.

Conclusion: How Much Does Lifetime Fitness Cost?

Lifetime Fitness Cost

Lifetime Fitness, established in 1992, has grown to become a fitness powerhouse with over 150 locations throughout the US. Catering to various fitness preferences, it provides an assortment of workout options from group fitness to specialized functional training.

How Much Does Lifetime Fitness Membership Cost

On the pricing front, memberships start at an average of $72.00 monthly. Individual rates oscillate between $72.00 to $219.00, while family memberships span $142.00 to $499.00 per month. Additional services and day passes have their separate costs, and the gym also engages in periodic pricing updates.

Thinking about diving into the world of fitness with Lifetime? With a harmonious blend of top-notch facilities, a broad range of workouts, and a community-driven atmosphere, it’s more than just a gym; it’s a holistic wellness experience. Check out your nearest Lifetime Fitness location to explore tailored membership options and embark on your unique wellness journey.

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