World Gym Prices 2024: Membership Cost & Price List

At a Glance:

  • The Lowdown: Since 1976, World Gym rocks the fitness scene with 225+ locations in 14 countries. Known for its diverse workouts and special zones like Women Only and Kid's World.
  • Cost: Memberships go from $15.99 to $39.99/month. There are a few plans, plus extras like personal training and childcare.
  • Hours: Varies by spot, but generally from early morning to late night, some even 24/7.
  • The Buzz: Good reviews overall. Places like Tucson, San Diego, and Houston are getting high marks for quality and variety.

Introduction to World Gym

Introduction to World Gym

World Gym, established in 1976 by Joe Gold of Gold’s Gym fame, started at Muscle Beach, Venice Beach, California, attracting stars and bodybuilding greats like Arnold Schwarzenegger. Under the stewardship of the Cammilleri family since 2009, World Gym has grown into a global brand, boasting over 200 franchises worldwide.

The gym provides a wide range of fitness services, featuring modern equipment and diverse exercise classes such as yoga, cycling, HIIT, and Zumba. Additionally, there’s a focus on personalized fitness journeys with options like personal training.

World Gym goes further to create an inclusive environment with special areas like Women’s Only Workout Areas and Kids World, ensuring a welcoming space for individuals across various fitness levels. The emphasis here is on building a sense of community within the fitness realm.

Now, let’s talk about breaking a sweat without breaking the bank.

World Gym Prices: How Much Is World Gym per Month

World Gym Prices: How Much Is World Gym per Month

World Gym offers flexible membership plans, ranging from $15.99 to $39.99 per month. The Basic Plan, with a 12-month commitment and a $39 enrollment fee, is perfect for those ready for a long-term fitness journey.

Looking for more flexibility? The VIP All Access Plan at $39.99 per month has no contract or enrollment fee. The standard VIP Plan, at $29.99 per month with a 12-month commitment (but no enrollment fee), strikes a balance.

Short-term commitments are also on the menu. A one-month option at $35 and a three-month plan for $99 cater to those with a more fluid fitness routine. And here’s a unique offer – a 14-month prepaid membership at $720, including two bonus months. Senior citizens are embraced with a special rate of $60 per month.

In a world where fitness is king, World Gym reigns supreme. Join the legacy, break a sweat, and let the World Gym experience transform you.

World Gym Membership Cost

World Gym Membership Cost

Different membership plans are available:

Standard Membership Plans

  • Basic: Cost is between $15.99 and $39.99/month; may require a 12-month commitment and enrollment fee of $39.
  • Month to Month: Costing around $59.95/month, it comes with a $50 enrollment fee.
  • 14-Month Plan: Avail of a 14-month for a one-time payment of $720, with waived enrollment fee.

Short-Term Membership Plans

  • 1 Month: Price is around $35.
  • 3 Months: Price is around $99.

Other Fees

  • Enrollment Fee: Cost ranges between $20 and $50, depending on the plan
  • Annual Membership: Price starts from $49, excluding a $5 fee per visit.
  • Day Pass: Price is around $30.
  • Cancellation Fee: Prepare to spend around $75 if you wish to terminate your plan.
  • Senior Citizen: Monthly cost is around $60.

Additional Amenities & Services

  • Training: Cost is around $20/month
  • Childcare: For $10/month, you can leave your child in the Kid’s World section of the gym as you focus on your training.
  • Personal Trainer: You can hire a personal trainer for around $65/hour.
  • Standard Plan: Access to group classes, locker rooms, showers, and equipment. Lap pools and hot tubs are available in some locations.

World Gym Prices List:

Membership Type:

Price per Month:

Fees and Features:

Basic Plan

$15.99 - $39.99

$39 Enrollment, 12-month commitment, Standard access

VIP All Access Plan


No Enrollment Fee, 1-year commitment, VIP access

1-Month Plan

$35 (one-time)

No commitment, Flexible option

3-Month Plan

$33 (one-time)

No commitment, 3-month term

14-Month Plan

$51.43 (one-time)

No Enrollment Fee, Prepaid 14 months

Senior Citizen Plan


Discounted for seniors

Month to Month


$50 Enrollment Fee, Flexible monthly plan

World Gym Workouts & Service

World Gym Workouts & Service

World Gym caters to a wide range of fitness preferences with its extensive offerings:

  • Workout Variety – They provide strength training, cardio exercises, HIIT, and group fitness classes including yoga, cycling, and Zumba.
  • Personal Training – Custom programs and expert guidance cater to individual goals, covering exercise techniques and nutrition.
  • Specialized Spaces – Women’s Only areas and Kids World create comfortable and safe spaces for all members.
  • Additional Features – Nutrition and wellness advice, MMA training at some gyms, and bodybuilding events are also part of the experience.
  • Community and Support – Regular events and a supportive environment encourage a sense of community among members.

World Gym’s mix of modern amenities, diverse workout options, and a community-driven approach makes it appealing for fitness enthusiasts at any level.

This video is a brief introduction to World Gym workouts.

World Gym Hours & Locations Near Me

World Gym Hours & Locations Near Me

The World Gym’s opening hours differ among locations. Most gyms accommodate various schedules, opening early in the morning and closing late at night. Additionally, certain branches provide round-the-clock access.

By 2024, World Gym has expanded its presence to over 225 locations in 14 countries, spread across six continents. The brand is keen on pursuing franchise opportunities both within the US and internationally. To see all the markets where World Gym is available, you can check out their location map on their website.

Additionally, check Google Maps for the nearest World Gym to you.

How To Cancel World Gym Membership

How To Cancel World Gym Membership

If you wish to cancel your World Gym membership, it is best that you first review your signed contract for the applicable terms, fees, and required termination notice.

Cancellation fees may apply, typically around $75, if you wish to terminate your gym membership early. Fill up a cancellation form you can find in any physical location. Or grab the form from their site, fill it out, and send it by fax, mail, or in person. You can also cancel online by checking their website or asking your local gym. Just wait for a written confirmation to be sure.

World Gym Reviews

World Gym Reviews

World Gym locations mostly get positive reviews. For instance, online reviews rave about the gym in Tucson, giving it a high 4.7-star rating out of 5 stars. Patrons appreciate the San Diego location’s clean facilities, class variety, and flexible memberships. In Houston, members give the gym a decent rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. The reviews generally reflect strong satisfaction from members on the amenities and services.

This video is a review of the World Gym Workout Tour.

Conclusion – How Much is World Gym Membership

How Much is World Gym Membership

Joining World Gym? Memberships start at $15.99 and cap at $39.99 a month. Choose from Basic to VIP plans, with different commitment lengths and enrollment fees. Short on commitment? Opt for 1 or 3-month plans. For the long term, there’s a 14-month option at $720 upfront. Check with your local gym for the latest pricing.

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