Club Pilates Cancellation Policy & Fee 2024: How To Cancel Club Pilates Membership

We all want to stay fit all the time and having a gym membership can give us the much-needed motivation to do so. However, life might take an unexpected turn at one point and we might be forced to let go of the said membership.

If you are a Club Pilates member and curious about how to cancel your membership, then this article is for you! You will be provided with all the important details regarding the topic, including how to cancel the membership online, in person, or through the phone.

Club Pilates Cancellation Policy & Fee

Club Pilates Cancellation Policy & Fee

This gym chain allows its members to cancel both their class and membership. However, there are some applicable fees and policies involved in the process. The four points below will show you in detail about them.

Club Pilates Class Cancellation Policy & Fee

To cancel a class, a member must provide a notice at least 12 hours before the scheduled time. Otherwise, there will be a late cancellation fee.

  • Late Cancel Fee – In general, the late cancellation fee for a class in Club Pilates is $10. Still, it may differ depending on the membership category and agreement.
  • Late Cancel Policy – As mentioned earlier, the late cancellation policy applies if a member does not make a cancellation request 12 hours prior to the scheduled appointment.
  • Waitlist Cancellation Policy & Fee – Members also have the option to use the waitlist feature, in which they will be given a spot for a class automatically when another member cancels their booking.

    However, just like when you make a regular reservation for a class, you will be charged a cancellation fee if you get a spot and cancel your booking within the 12-hour timeframe.

Club Pilates Membership Cancellation Policy & Fee

When it comes to membership cancellation, each Club Pilates has different terms. Generally, membership automatically renews unless it gets canceled or terminated.

You may be offered different subscription plans when you sign up. Whatever plan you choose, the terms for each should be disclosed in detail.

Eligible members may get the chance to enjoy a free trial period. It usually begins when you create an account and billing will start at the end of the trial period.

You can always cancel your subscription plan, whether it is through the app, in-person, or through the CS team. Just make sure before your subscription plan renews.

Another thing to know is that you are responsible for the accuracy of your payment method information. And, there are payment methods that will charge additionally.

How To Cancel Club Pilates Membership – 4 Ways

How To Cancel Club Pilates Membership online, on app, in-person, through the customer support team

At Club Pilates, your membership will get renewed immediately until you decide to cancel it or if your studio terminates it for some reason. In case you want to cancel your membership, here are the four possible ways to do so.

1. In-Person Cancellation

How to Cancel Club Pilates Membership: In-Person Cancellation at Studio

The easiest to cancel your Club Pilates membership is by coming to the studio where you signed up for it. Be prepared to provide details like name, age, address, membership ID number, as well as the debit card you use for payment.

Talk with the staff about your intentions and you will then be asked to verify your ID. Next, you can complete the cancellation form and submit it back to the staff. Make sure you fill out the form accurately.

2. Online Cancellation

How to Cancel Club Pilates Membership Online

You can also cancel your membership through Club Pilates’ official website. To do so, you have to log into your account using your username and password. Then, under the account settings section, look for a membership cancellation option.

Follow the on-screen instructions and confirm your cancellation request if needed. After that, you will be asked to fill out a membership cancellation form. After you submit it, you should check with the bank to see if the billing has stopped.

3. Cancellation Through App

How to Cancel Club Pilates Membership on App

Club Pilates has also allowed its members to cancel their memberships using the mobile app. Similar to the online cancellation method, a member must be logged in on the app and complete the procedure using the steps below.

  1. Open your app and log in to your Club Pilates Account.
  2. Tap on your profile icon to access the account settings section.
  3. Within the account settings, locate the option related to your membership and billing information.
  4. Once you've found the membership and billing section, select the "Cancel Membership" option to initiate the cancellation of your Club Pilates subscription.
  5. The app will prompt you to confirm your identity and provide your reason for cancellation.
  6. After reviewing the cancellation terms and confirming your reason, proceed to submit your cancellation request.
  7. You should receive a confirmation message shortly. Please save this confirmation for your records.
  8. After canceling, it's essential to monitor your billing statements to ensure Club Pilates has stopped charging you for any subscription plan.
  9. In case of any billing errors or issues, don't hesitate to reach out to the Customer Support team for assistance.Club Pilates has also allowed its members to cancel their memberships using the mobile app. Similar to the online cancellation method, a member must be logged in on the app and complete the procedure using the steps below.

**This list provides a clearer and more organized step-by-step guide for canceling a Club Pilates subscription and addressing potential issues.

4. Cancellation Through the Customer Support Team

How to Cancel Club Pilates Membership Through the Customer Support Team

If you need additional assistance to cancel your Club Pilates membership, you can use some help from the Customer Support team. If you don’t have the contact, go to the “Contact Us” section on the official website.

After completing the “Contact Us” form with the necessary details, you can submit it and wait until the customer support team reaches out to you. One of the representatives will then guide you through the process.


Whichever membership cancellation method you choose, make sure you provide all the necessary details accurately. And, here are a few useful tips to help you get through the procedure smoothly:

  • Understand the agreement.
  • Ask your local studio whenever you have questions.
  • Keep records of all documents and paperwork.
  • Pay attention to the billing statements.
  • Plan ahead and be aware of the available options.

Club Pilates Refund Policy

At Club Pilates, all payments are non-refundable. The specifics of the cancellation procedure may also differ depending on where you signed up. However, you will retain your access until the closure of your last billing period.

It may provide you with credits, but it is based on specific discretion. Also, canceling your Club Pilates membership does not automatically cancel your other purchases with Xponential Fitness and its affiliates.

Club Pilates Membership Freeze Policy & Fee

If you don’t plan to permanently cancel your membership, then you have the option to freeze. Freezing your account means you are still a member of Club Pilates but you temporarily choose to not enjoy the services and facilities from them.

Certain eligibility criteria may apply in this case, but common reasons for freezing include temporary relocation, long-term vacation, or medical issues. Also, if you want to freeze your membership, there is a fee involved, which is $15 for each month.

The freezing can last anywhere between 30 days to several months (typically 3 months). Simply check with your local studio for more details on how to freeze your membership. Remember, you should be aware of any freezing fee included.

Can You Cancel Club Pilates Membership at Any Time?

You should feel free to cancel your Club Pilates membership anytime you want. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that you will still get access until the end of your billing period and none of the purchases can be refunded.

Key Points Review: How to Cancel Club Pilates Membership:

  • When it comes to membership cancellation policies, Club Pilates actually has a fairly straightforward approach. Members can cancel their memberships through the official website, app, in person, or through the customer support team.
  • Freezing a membership is also possible, but there are several eligibility criteria involved and there is a monthly $15 freezing fee involvedOn top of that, policies in each location may vary and members are responsible for keeping records of documentation and billing statements.

Final Verdict

Whatever cancellation method you choose, Club Pilates has provided you with simple and clear ways to cancel your membership. So, if you need to cancel your membership, feel free to follow the methods above, and don’t hesitate to ask the customer support team if needed.

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