Gold’s Gym Prices 2024: Membership Cost & Price List

Backed by a reputation for quality and a rich history, Gold’s Gym is committed to its members’ fitness and health. Learn how much it takes to be a member and other details about the gym to help you decide if Gold’s Gym is for you.

At a Glance:

  • Gold's Gym offers a wide range of equipment, classes, and workout programs tailored for all fitness levels.
  • Membership cost starts from $9.95.
  • Reviews rate the gym highly, mainly for its diverse options, equipment, and professional trainers, though the level may vary by location.

Introduction to Gold’s Gym

Introduction to Gold’s Gym

A world-renowned American fitness brand, Gold’s Gym offers a wide range of fitness classes, strength training, and cardio equipment, suitable for all fitness levels. Membership price begins at $9.95. Overall, reviews are positive. However, a few dissatisfied patrons found some gyms too crowded and not as well-maintained as the others.

Gold’s Gym was named after Joe Gold, the founder. First built in Venice Beach on August 25, 1965, in Venice Beach, CA, its famous patrons included bodybuilding superstars Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno, and Franco Columbu. The trio helped the gym become famous around the world.

There are around 700 gyms around the world, with the main office located in Dallas, TX. More than 200 are in the US. In 2004, the chain was acquired by Robert Rowling of TRT Holdings. Danny Waggoner and Brian Wayne presently sit as co-CEOs of Gold’s Gym’s parent company, the RSG Group. After surviving bankruptcy in 2020, the gym is still running and a key part of today’s fitness sector. Group workout programs are suitable for all fitness levels. Continue reading for the pricing details.

Gold’s Gym Prices

Gold’s Gym Prices

There is no standard Gold’s Gym pricing, and prices may vary depending on the place, type of membership, and other similar factors. Not all gyms have the same membership levels, but individual membership prices usually start from about $9.95 to $49. You also need to pay $49 for the annual fee. Some plans charge a joining fee and require an upfront payment for the first and last months’ dues. You may want to consider that.

If you are planning on a long-term membership, you can opt for a 24-month contract that will bring your monthly dues down to around $25/month ($49 for couples, and $55 for a couple plus 1 child). Check with your local Gold’s Gym for updated pricing and available membership options.

Gold’s Gym Price Per Day – Day Pass Price

Gold's Gym Price Per Day - Day Pass Price

A day pass typically costs anywhere from $10 to $20, but this may not be the same in all Gold’ Gym branches. You may encounter a few branches that will give you access for 1 day for only $5.

Gold’s Gym Membership Cost

Gold's Gym Membership Cost

Following are the available membership options, depending on the branch:

  • Month to Month Single Club: The monthly fee is $49 with a startup fee of $74. There is a late payment fee of $19.50.
  • 12-Month Multi Club: Monthly dues for an individual is $29, $54 for couples, and $62 for a couple plus 1 child.
  • 24-Month Multi Club: Individual monthly fee is $25, $49 for couples, and $55 for a family with 1 child.
  • Annual Membership: This option doesn’t require a startup fee. The annual fee is $348 for a single person and $648 for a couple. Other fees include $89 for early cancellation, $20 for cancellation because of medical reasons, and $50 for membership transfer.
  • Single Basic Monthly Membership (1 Year Commitment): This option costs only $9.95 monthly, but requires a processing fee of $99 and an annual fee of $49. You also need to pay $19.99 upfront for the first and last monthly dues.
  • Passport Premium (Month to Month): Monthly dues are$21.95 with no processing fee. The annual fee is $49 and requires an upfront payment of $43.90 for the first and last months.
  • Passport Gold Combo (Month to Month): The cost monthly is $29.95 with an annual fee of $49 and 0 processing fee. Upfront first and last month payment of $59.90 is required.
  • Basic 12-Month Annual Membership: The individualmonthly cost is $9.99; the processing fee is $1, and the annual fee is $49.99.
  • Couple Membership: The cost is $49 for a couple; you can add another adult member for a total cost of around $69.99
  • Family Membership: 12-month membership costs $62/month for a couple with 1 minor child and $54/month for a 24-month commitment. Additional family members may be included for a fee. Kids Club service may also be available in some branches.

Note: Costs may vary between locations, so check with your local branch for the most updated details. 

Gold’s Gym Personal Trainer Price

Gold's Gym Personal Trainer Price

You can hire a personal trainer for around $60 to $100 for every 50-minute session, depending on the same factors previously mentioned plus the trainer’s experience and qualifications. You may also save more if you buy a package or more sessions at a time.

Gold’s Gym Prices List

Gold's Gym Membership Prices List

Membership Type:


Month to Month Single Club


12-Month Multi Club - Individual


12-Month Multi Club - Couple


12-Month Multi Club - Family


24-Month Multi Club - Individual


12-Month Multi Club - Couple


12-Month Multi Club - Family


Annual Membership - Individual


Annual Membership - Couple


Single Basic Monthly Membership (1 Year Commitment)


Passport Premium (Month to Month)


Passport Gold Combo (Month to Month)


Couple Membership


Family Membership (1-Year Commitment)


Family Membership (2-Year Commitment)


Gold’s Gym Classes Offered

Gold's Gym Classes Offered

You can choose to participate in a range of group classes that you will find suitable, whatever your fitness level and interests may be, including yoga and Zumba.

Gold’s Gym also offers kickboxing and step aerobics for variety. The experienced instructors provide inspiring and effective workouts to help members achieve their fitness goals and expand their repertoire.

Watch this brief video to experience the atmosphere of Gold’s Gym.

Services and Amenities

Gold's Gym Services and Amenities Prices

Gold’s Gym offers many amenities to help improve the workout experience.  Depending on the branch, these may include:

  • Pools: Used for relaxation or swimming workouts.
  • Sauna: This is perfect for relaxation and detox after workout, and helps speed up muscle recovery.
  • Basketball Court: Used for pick-up games as well as more formal matches, and offers a fun way to exercise.
  • Showers: Provides members with post-workout convenience and comfort.
  • Women’s Area: Provides the needed privacy for women.
  • Childcare: Offers childcare services through the Gold’s Gym Kids Club to provide an engaging and safe environment for your children while you work out.

Does Gold’s Gym Allow Guests?

Gold’s Gym Guests Prices

You can bring a guest if your membership tier allows it, or if there are ongoing special promotions. A 7-day VIP pass may also be available for guests to use. Check with your nearest branch for details.

Gold’s Gym Hours and Membership Prices Near Your Location

Gold's Gym Hours and Membership Prices Near Your Location

The operating hours and holiday schedule may vary, depending on the location, but gyms are typically open on weekends from 5 am to 12 am, from 7 am to 8 pm on Saturdays, and 8 am to 8 pm on Sundays. Some locations are open 24/7. Most gyms are closed on major holidays like Christmas, New Year, and Thanksgiving. They may also have limited hours during other holidays like Labor Day and Memorial Day and during regular days around major holidays.

Out of the more than 200 Gold’s Gym facilities in the US, 59 are in Texas. Here are some of the locations and their approximate prices:

  • Fullerton: $1/day for basic membership and $2/day for all-access membership.
  • Hollywood: Basic membership is less than $2/day and $2 for all-access.
  • Venice: Month-to-monthsingle membership is $49/month (excluding the $74 startup fee); 24-month multi-club dues are $25 to $55, depending on family size; $348 for individual annual membership and 648 for couples (no startup fee); cancellation fees due to medical reasons, membership transfer, and for any other reason apply.
  • Austin:  Monthly membership is $40 to $55/month; $30 to $40/month for annual membership (plusa $49 yearly fee; membership and fees for other membership types vary.
  • Glendale: Basic membership costs a few cents/day; premium is more than $1/day, and preferred gold passport is under $2/day.
  • El Paso: Monthly membership is $40 to $50/month; $30 to $40/month for annual (plus $49/year); membership and fees for other membership types vary.

Get in touch with your local gym for more details about their holiday schedule. You can find the nearest branch through the official website’s location finder.

Gold’s Gym Reviews

Gold’s Gym Reviews

Most online reviews find Gold’s Gym a good gym choice citing its wide variety of classes, equipment, and effective personal training. Other rave reviews love the clean facilities, free Wi-Fi, accommodating staff, and new equipment.

Some competitive power and weightlifters find the facilities limited, citing the lack of dropping weights, and the unavailability of chack for use before a lift. On the other hand, the amenities are more than enough for non-competitive lifters, bodybuilders, CrossFit, and general fitness enthusiasts.

How to Cancel Your Gold’s Gym Membership

How to Cancel Your Gold's Gym Membership

To cancel your membership, you must request at least 30 days before your billing date. You may be charged a cancellation fee.

You cannot cancel online, but there are other ways.

  • Personal Visit: Go to your branch to fill up the cancellation form. Tell them your concerns or ask questions for immediate answers.
  • By Mail: If you can’t be physically present, mail a written cancellation request instead. Contact your branch to ask where to address your request. Tell them why you are canceling. All important details about your membership must be in the request, including your identification, proof of membership, and other details.

Gold’s Gym Franchise Cost and Earnings

Gold's Gym Franchise Cost and Earnings

Opening a Gold’s Gym franchise involves various financial aspects:

  • Initial Investment – Estimated at $1,483,000 to $3,602,000 for a standard 20,000 sq. ft. facility, including a $40,000 franchise fee.
  • Larger Facilities – Costs range from $2,218,250 to $5,000,500 for a 35,000 sq. ft. gym, covering new construction or retrofitting.
  • Additional Requirements – Prospective franchisees need a $1 million net worth, $400,000 liquidity, and pay a 5% royalty fee. Financing options and veteran incentives are available.

Gold’s Gym owners can earn $100,000 or more annually. Franchise revenue per location is $1,000,000 to $1,500,000, with profit margins of 10-15%. Refer to Gold’s Gym’s Franchise Disclosure Document for detailed and updated costs.

Conclusion – Gold’s Gym Membership Cost

Gold’s Gym Membership Price

The cost of membership starts from $9.95 to around $49/month for an individual, depending on your membership and location. You can choose a commitment period of either 12 or 24 months. A longer-term lower the monthly dues. Check your local gym for the most updated pricing details, as well as for current promotions that will allow you to make more savings.

Most members like the gym for its variety of offerings, clean facilities, new equipment, and friendly staff. The gym is right for regular or newbie gym-goers, and those looking to improve their overall fitness. Visit a local center to see if the facilities and membership options are fit for your interests and fitness goals.

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