The Edge Fitness Clubs Prices Per Month 2024: Membership Cost & Price List

Edge Fitness Clubs is among the popular fitness chains today. It offers a range of membership plans and prices for different needs, and its long list of outstanding features and services ensures a complete workout adventure.

Before joining, it’s important to know the prices to help you make the right decisions for your fitness goals.

Introduction to the Edge Fitness Clubs

Introduction to the Edge Fitness Clubs

Established in 1988 by Vin Sansone, Edge Fitness Clubs is led today by Michael Copeland as CEO. It currently has more than 200 locations in 9 states, including Connecticut, Delaware, and Florida.

The Fitness Chain adopts a comprehensive and affordable fitness approach that offers diverse services and amenities – from advanced equipment and specific areas for basketball, boxing, and swimming to value-added features like nutrition, saunas, childcare, and counseling – that cater to all levels of fitness.

Flexible membership options are available, including discounts for students. In addition, many of the locations are open 24/7 for maximum convenience. The current CEO puts a premium on a holistic fitness environment, and meeting the members’ diverse needs.

The succeeding sections will cover the pricing options to help you find the best plan.

The Edge Fitness Clubs Prices

The Edge Fitness Clubs Prices

Here’s a price overview to give you an idea of the pricing.

Three membership options are available – each with its own level of amenities. Prices range from $14.99 to $37.99/month. Note that not all locations offer the $14.99 option.

The Edge Total Membership comes with full fitness floor access, free fitness assessment, access to all locations, unlimited group exercise class access, and other amenities such as unlimited tanning and massage (depending on availability) unlimited guests, Fit Pak access, Total Access Plus (TAP), unlimited Spinning classes, and access to women’s or total fitness studio areas (depending on availability)

Additional fees on top of the monthly dues may apply, and may include a 1 or 2-year membership commitment, enrollment fee, and a small upfront sign-up fee. These fees help maintain the quality of the services and facilities, and are also standards in the fitness industry.

If you want to attend an individual class without getting a full membership, you can opt for a drop-in class. The single-class cost ranges from $10 to $15. This is a flexible option if you only want to experience a class at The Edge Fitness Clubs.

You can have loved ones join your sessions with a Family Membership that costs from $55 to $70/month. It’s a cost-effective way to bond as a family through fitness activities.

A 3-day guest pass is available for those who want to try the facilities first without any commitment. It comes with unlimited access to all amenities. A longer 7-day free guest pass is also available through the club’s referral program for prospective clients.

Students can join through a special Student Membership with a discounted rate of around $25/month.

How Much Is a Single Class/Drop-In Price at The Edge Fitness Clubs?

Single Class/Drop-In Price at The Edge Fitness Clubs

A single or drop-in class costs around $10 to $15. It is available for prospective members who just want to experience the services free of any financial commitments.

The Edge Fitness Clubs Membership Cost

The Edge Fitness Clubs Membership Cost

The Edge Fitness Clubs offers different membership tiers to cater to various needs. The Edge Red Membership is the most basic, priced from $14.99/month, and offers basic access to the available facilities. This option, however, is not available in all locations. The Edge Fit membership, priced at around $29.99/month offers more amenities including access to all locations, and unlimited group class access. The Edge Total Membership is the premier option, costing around $34.99/month, and includes more perks like massage services, unlimited tanning, and special fitness area access.

The Edge Fitness Family Membership Cost

The Edge Fitness Family Membership Cost

The price of a Family Membership depends on the preferred plan and the location. The price ranges from $50 to $70/month.

The Edge Fitness Prices List

Edge Fitness Prices List:



3-Day Guest Pass


7-Day Guest Pass


Edge Red Membership


Edge Fit Membership


Edge Total Membership


Personal Training (Single Session)


Personal Training (10 Sessions)


Personal Training (20 Sessions)


Group Fitness Classes (Single Class)


Group Fitness Classes (Monthly Unlimited)


Family Membership


Student Membership


Childcare (Hourly Rate)


Childcare (Monthly Membership)


Nutrition Counseling (Single Session)


Nutrition Counseling (5 Sessions)


Nutrition Counseling (10 Sessions)


Massage Therapy (30-Minute Session)


Massage Therapy (60-Minute Session)


Massage Therapy (90-Minute Session)


Tanning (Single Session)


Tanning (Monthly Unlimited)


Towel Service (Monthly Fee)


Locker Rental (Monthly Fee)


How Much Does Edge Fitness Childcare Cost?

Edge Fitness Childcare Cost

Wondering about the cost of childcare at Edge Fitness Clubs and whether it’s part of your membership? Here’s the scoop: Childcare isn’t included in your basic membership fees. However, Edge Fitness offers a fantastic service called “Edge Kids” for those times you want to hit the gym but need someone to watch over your little ones.

For a casual visit, there’s a drop-in fee of $7 per day. If you’re looking for something more regular, they also offer unlimited monthly memberships for kids. The exact cost varies, so it’s best to check with your local Edge Fitness for the details. The service caters to children from 3 months to 12 years old, providing a variety of fun and engaging activities to keep them entertained while you get your workout in.

What Is The Cheapest Membership at Edge Fitness Clubs?

The Cheapest Membership at Edge Fitness Clubs

Edge Fitness Clubs’ most affordable option is a yearly commitment plan at just $9.99 a month. For those averse to long-term commitments, a flexible monthly plan is available at $14.99. However, availability and additional fees, such as enrollment and processing, may vary by location, and some plans might require a 12- or 24-month commitment.

The Edge Fitness Clubs Prices Compared to other Gyms

The Edge Fitness Clubs Prices Compared to other Gyms

Edge Fitness Clubs provide a selection of three membership plans, with monthly rates varying between $14.99 and $37.99, based on the range of amenities and services provided. These rates are in line with competitors like Planet Fitness, which has memberships beginning at $10 monthly. The reason behind the slightly higher fees at Edge Fitness Clubs can be attributed to their enhanced offerings, including access to swimming pools, steam rooms, and saunas.

What Workouts & Services Options Does Edge Fitness Clubs Provide?

Workouts & Services Options Edge Fitness Clubs Provide

Wondering what Edge Fitness Clubs have in store for you? They’ve got an awesome lineup of workouts and services that are all about fitting your unique fitness journey. Depending on where you’re at, you might find some slight differences, but here’s the gist of what they offer:

For the workout warriors:

  • Group Fitness Classes: Think yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and spinning. Whatever your vibe, there’s a class.
  • Strength Training: Get those gains with free weights and machines.
  • Cardio Fix: From treadmills to bikes, get your heart racing.
  • Functional Training: Spice things up with kettlebells, TRX, and more.
  • Boot Camps & Circuit Training: Love a challenge? These are for you.
  • Personal Training: Get that custom workout plan.
  • Dive In: Pool workouts for the swimmers.
  • Specialty Classes: Ever tried barre or martial arts workouts? Now’s your chance.
  • For the young and the young at heart: Special classes for seniors and youth programs.

And there’s more:

  • Personal Training & Nutritional Counseling: Because fitness isn’t just about working out.
  • Child Care: They’ve got you covered so you can sweat worry-free.
  • Wellness Services: From health checks to lifestyle coaching.
  • Relax & Recover: Saunas, massages, and chill zones.
  • Socialize: Hang out at the Member Lounge and Café.
  • Stay on Track: With fitness assessments and online classes.
  • Get Motivated: With special challenges and competitions.
  • Shop ’til You Drop: Need gear or a snack? They’ve got it.

Remember, what’s available can vary by location, so hit up your local Edge Fitness Club to see exactly what they’ve got.

Here is a quick video introduction to the Edge Fitness Clubs.

Edge Fitness Locations & Open Hours

Edge Fitness Locations & Open Hours

Guess what? Edge Fitness is everywhere now, with more than 200 gyms sprinkled across nine states – we’re talking Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania. The best part? Most of these places are open 24/7, so you can get your fitness on whenever it suits you best.

Find your nearest Edge Fitness Clubs location on Google Maps.

Can I Go to Any Edge Fitness with a Membership?

Can I Go to Any Edge Fitness with a Membership

Your access to The Edge Fitness Club’s locations will depend on your type of membership. If you have The Edge Fitness Red membership, you only have access to your home location, and you cannot use it for other locations. However, if you have The Edge Fitness or The Edge Total membership, you can visit any location.

How Much Does It Cost To Cancel Edge Fitness Membership?

Cost To Cancel Edge Fitness Membership

To cancel your Edge Fitness membership, you need to submit a written notice 30 days in advance. Additionally, you’ll need to pay a penalty equivalent to one month’s membership dues.

Conclusion: How Much Does The Edge Fitness Membership Cost?

Edge Fitness Membership Cost

The Edge Fitness Clubs offers straightforward membership plans for various budgets and needs. The basic plan costs $14.99 and goes up to $34.99 for the premium plan. You can use the facilities, attend a wide diversity of classes, and enjoy other comforts with a membership. Membership term commitments and enrollment fees may apply. If you’re not yet sure about making a committing, you can get flexible options like drop-in classes and guest passes. Contact your local The Edge Fitness Club location for more information.

FAQs on Edge Fitness Prices:

Edge Fitness Prices

1) What Are The Different Membership Plans Offered By Edge Fitness Clubs?

  • Edge Red: $14.99/month, single location, floor access only, $79 enrollment fee.
  • Edge Fit: $24.99/month, all 42 locations, $39 enrollment fee.
  • Edge Total: $34.99/month, all 42 locations, no enrollment fee, unlimited guest privileges, tanning, and more.
  • Group Fitness Membership: $59/month, 24/7 access, unlimited fitness classes.
  • Couples Standard Membership: $55/month, 24/7 access, 1-year commitment.
  • Couples Hybrid Membership: $70/month, 24/7 access, 1 standard membership, 1 group fitness membership, 1-year commitment.
  • Student Membership: $25/month, 24/7 access, month-to-month.

2) What Are The Amenities Offered By Edge Fitness Clubs

Edge Fitness Clubs offer a comprehensive fitness and relaxation experience, featuring:

  • Cardio Machines: Including treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, and rowers.
  • Strength Training: Equipped with free weights, weight machines, and resistance bands.
  • Group Classes: Offering yoga, Pilates, Zumba, and cycling sessions.
  • Personal Training: Available for personalized, one-on-one workout guidance.
  • Kids’ Club: Provides a supervised area for children.
  • Wellness Amenities: Saunas, steam rooms for recovery, tanning beds for a sun-kissed look, and massage chairs for relaxation.

Amenities may vary by location.

3) Are There Any Discounts Available For Edge Fitness Club Memberships?

Yes, Edge Fitness Clubs offer membership discounts, like a $0 enrollment fee. You can also find deals on Groupon, including a 30-day fitness plan for $329 and a one-month membership for $128.

4) How Much is Edge Fitness Yearly Fee

Annual costs for an Edge Fitness membership differ by location and plan. A basic membership averages $240 to $360, and a VIP membership ranges from $360 to $480 yearly.

5) How Much Does Edge Fitness Student Membership Cost?

Edge Fitness offers student memberships at a lower rate than regular fees, with prices varying by location and plan. On average, students might pay between $20 to $30 monthly for a basic membership.

6) Can You Cancel Edge Fitness?

A 30-day written notice is necessary if you wish to cancel your membership. You also need to make 1 final payment after completing your initial term.

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