Fitness 19 Prices 2024: Membership Cost & Price List

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  • Fitness 19 Basics - Started in 2003, Fitness 19 is a gym with over 120 spots, mainly in California, New Jersey, and Nevada. It's all about giving everyone a chance to work out without breaking the bank.
  • How Much It Costs - Memberships are pretty affordable, from $10 to $30 each month. You've got choices like Basic ($15/month), Full Access ($19/month), and Premium Plus ($24.99/month). There are also special rates for families and personal training.
  • Where & When - Fitness 19 is open in more than 120 places across the U.S., with some gyms open all day, every day. You can find out where the nearest gym is and its hours on their website or app.
Fitness 19 Membership Prices

Introduction to Fitness 19

Introduction to Fitness 19

Established by Rick Stollmeyer and Keith Worts back in 2003, Fitness 19 took the fitness industry by storm with its accessible and affordable gym franchise. Now running more than 120 locations in the country, mainly in California, New Jersey and Nevada, the gym chain continues to offer a no-nonsense, family-friendly workout experience.

Fitness 19 Prices

Fitness 19 offers a complete range of personal training and group classes, catering to all fitness levels and preferences. For more flexibility, some locations are open 24/7, and the range of pricing options makes the holistic workout experience affordable for everyone.

Fitness 19 Prices

Fitness 19 Prices

Monthly memberships range from around $10 to $30 to cater to varying fitness needs, and depending on the location. The Basic plan costs around $15/month, but comes with a $99 enrollment fee and basic gym access. The Full Access membership costs around $19/month + a $99 enrollment fee, and offers more perks. Premium Plus starts from around $24.99/month, offering more perks than Basic and Premium, but it is not available in all gyms.

Fitness 19 Prices

Need personal training, prepare to spend $60 to $90/session, depending on the location and your preferred trainer’s credentials. If you’re new to Fitness 19, you get 3 free training sessions, allowing you to start your fitness journey on a great note. Families can work out and bond at the same time via the Family membership, which costs around $20 to $40/month.

Fitness 19 Prices

You can get a free 3-day pass if you want to try out the experience first before committing to a membership plan. A free guest pass is offered to locals and newbies under certain terms.

How Much Is a Fitness 19 Month-to-Month Membership?

Fitness 19 Month-to-Month Membership Price

Membership plans at Fitness 19 range between $10 to $30/month, but may go higher or lower, depending on the gym’s location.

Fitness 19 Membership Cost

Fitness 19 Membership Cost

There are several membership options available, including the following:

  • Basic: Costs $15/month with an enrollment fee of $99.
  • Full Access: $19/month with a $99 enrollment fee.
  • Premium Plus: Depending on the location, it costs around $24.99/month.

Fitness 19 Personal Trainer Cost

Fitness 19 Personal Trainer Cost

Depending on the location and your trainer’s experience, the cost of personal training ranges between $60 and $90. New members can get the first 3 sessions free.

Fitness 19 Family Membership Cost

Fitness 19 Family Membership Cost

For around $20 to $40/month, families can enjoy working out together with a Fitness 19 Family membership plan.

Day Pass, Guest Pass & Free Trial

Fitness 19 Prices for Day Pass, Guest Pass & Free Trial

3-day guest passes are available for prospective members to try out the gym before making a financial commitment. First-timers and locals, meanwhile, can get a free guest pass once every six months.

Fitness 19 Prices List

Fitness 19 Prices List

Fitness 19 Prices List:

Membership Type:

Price per Month:

Enrollment Fee:






Basic gym access, equipment, free Wi-Fi, group fitness, classes, free weights, personal training (3 sessions for new members)

Price range from $10 to $30/month depending on location

Full Access



All Basic benefits + more perks

Premium Plus



More perks than Basic and Full Access (not available at all locations)

Personal Training

$60 to $90/session


One-on-one fitness coaching

Cost depends on location and trainer's credentials; 3 free sessions for new members

Family Membership

$20 to $40


Gym access for family, cost-effective

Allows families to work out together; price varies

Basic vs. Premium at Fitness 19

Basic vs. Premium at Fitness 19

Basic Membership

Fitness 19 Basic Membership Prices

As the name implies, it offers all basic and essential gym amenities including equipment access, free Wi-Fi, group fitness, classes, free weights, and personal training (over 3 for new members). The price is from $10 to $30/month.

Premium Membership

Fitness 19 Premium Membership Price

For $20 to $40/month, this plan comes with all features of the Basic membership plus additional amenities including indoor cycling classes, tanning, Hydromassage, access to various locations, red light therapy, and weekend guest privilege.

Which Membership Is Right for You?

Basic vs. Premium at Fitness 19: Which Membership Is Right for You

The right type of membership for you will depend on your needs. If you only need access to group classes and essential equipment, then the Basic option will suffice. However, if you need more premium features like multi-gym access, tanning, and Hydromassage, among others, then opt for the Premium membership.

What Workouts & Services Does Fitness 19 Provide?

What Workouts & Services Does Fitness 19 Provide

Most locations offer cardio, strength training, group fitness classes, personal training, and basic amenities like showers, locker rooms, and training beds. Some locations offer extras like red light therapy, Hydromassage, and even a smoothie bar.

Watch this quick video to learn about Fitness 19 workouts.

Locations, Hours, and Customer Service

Fitness 19 Locations, Hours, and Customer Service

Fitness 19 presently runs over 120 locations in the US, mostly in California, New Jersey and Nevada. Operating hours vary by location, but many gyms offer 24/7 service. Use the app or the official website’s location finder to find the nearest gym. You can also call the gym directly to ask for assistance.

You can reach out to customer service through any of the following channels:

  • Dial 888-827-9262 to speak with customer service on weekdays, from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Or fill out the form at the official website.

Search for the nearest Fitness 19 Gym on Google Maps.

How to Cancel Fitness 19 Membership

How to Cancel Fitness 19 Membership

Visit your local gym to request membership cancellation. Just bring your membership card and an ID, or you can do it by phone.

Here’s how to request for cancellation by phone:

  1. Call customer service at 888-827-9262 during business hours.
  2. Repeatedly press “0” until a representative attends to your call.
  3. Relay your cancellation request.
  4. Provide your account information and proof of identity when requested.
  5. Once verified, the representative will process your cancellation request.

Note: If you have a contract, you may be charged with an early termination fee.

Conclusion: How Much Does Fitness 19 Cost?

Fitness 19 Cost

There are different membership plans to fit all budgets and preferences. Prices range from around $10 to $30/month, depending on location and membership type. Prepare to pay extra for premium amenities and the services of a personal trainer. Visit the nearest Fitness 19 gym to know more about your options, and the prices.

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