How To Cancel HOTWORX Membership Online: Cancellation Policy & Fee 2024

HOTWORX is a gym chain that is renowned for its infrared exercise programs. Its innovative workout sessions are among the factors that make this gym chain stand out from its competitors. However, life situations may change at some points, forcing a member to figure out about canceling their HOTWORX membership.

So, to help you discover more about the topic, let’s talk about HOTWORX’s cancellation policy, steps to cancel one’s membership, relevant fees, how to freeze and transfer the membership, and how to update payment methods!

HOTWORX Cancellation Policy

Now, let’s first discuss the cancelation policy at HOTWORX. Here are several key points you should know:

  • A customer can request a membership cancelation after a minimum of 12 weeks.
  • A customer must provide at least a 4-week notice period outside the initial 12-week period.
  • A customer must pay any scheduled installments and outstanding balances within the notice period.
  • An immediate termination within the initial 12-week period is possible with a fee of $149.
  • A customer can freeze their membership once every three months. The freeze period should last from 2 to 12 weeks.
  • A customer can avoid the 4-week notice period by providing a doctor’s certificate.
  • A HOTWORX studio can change terms and agreements with written notice.
  • Violations of any rules, policies, and regulations can lead to membership termination.

Please keep in mind that the points above are just a quick overview of HOTWORX cancelation policies. Each location may have different rules and regulations. However, all of them will require advance notice for membership cancelation.

Can You Cancel HOTWORX Membership Online?

Yes, you can cancel your HOTWORX membership online. You can simply send a membership cancelation email. Otherwise, you can deliver the mail yourself to the studio you are enrolled in.

How to Cancel HOTWORX Membership Subscription Online?

While the previous section states that you can only cancel your membership after the 12-week initial period, it is actually possible to change your mind within the first few days. To be exact, you must send the cancelation request before the third business day following your contract signing day (make sure you do it before midnight).

You can either give the cancellation notice in person to the studio or send it via certified mail. Once the studio receives your cancellation notice, you should give them some time to process your request. It usually takes around 15 days for the studio to confirm it and complete the whole process.

HOTWORX Cancellation Fee

If you really need to cancel HOTWORX membership before the completion of the 12-week initial period, you should prepare yourself to pay a $149 immediate termination fee. The studio will also cancel any outstanding balances and fees.

How to End Your HOTWORX Auto-Renewal Subscription

HOTWORX uses an auto-renewal subscription system, which is why the 4-week notice period is needed. You should also settle any balances and fees at the time of cancelation. Just make sure that the cancelation request is signed in-studio.

Seeking Immediate Cancellation and Associated Fee at HOTWORX

Requesting immediate membership cancellation at HOTWORX before the end of the 90-day period is possible, but it comes with an associated fee of $99. Also, you must submit the request in person.

Throughout the cancelation process, you don’t have any rights to use HOTWORX access and service. Unless you are willing to pay the immediate termination fee, you should wait until the 90-day initial period concludes.

Can You Cancel HOTWORX After Months or a Year?

There is a requirement for completing an initial 12-week period before one can cancel their membership. This means that one should become a HOTWORX member for at least 3 months before they are able to submit a cancelation request.

Can I Transfer My HOTWORX Membership to another Location?

At HOTWORX, all of the membership and enrollment fees and non-refundable and non-transferable. However, active SWEAT HERE members may use the facilities and services of a HOTWORX studio for $10 per day.

Can You Pause HOTWORX Membership & How to Freeze

HOTWORX has made it possible for you to freeze your membership once every three months. Yet, as mentioned earlier you must freeze it for a minimum of two weeks and a maximum of twelve weeks. It will cost you $2.50 each week to freeze your membership.

A freeze period of longer than 12 weeks is allowed with legitimate proof. A freeze fee of $9 will be charged to your name. On top of that, you cannot access any HOTWORX studio or use any of its services during the freeze period.

How to Change Payment Method on HOTWORX

You can change your payment method by notifying your HOTWORX studio. Keep in mind that this process does not come free of charge. To find out about the relevant fees, please directly contact your HOTWORX studio.

Can You Upgrade Your HOTWORX Membership?

HOTWORX has different membership options that allow its members to enjoy different workout services and facilities. If you think that it is necessary to upgrade your HOTWORX membership, you can do so by contacting your studio and paying an additional $10 monthly fee.

Key Points Review: How to Cancel HOTWORX Membership

All in all, HOTWORX requires you to complete an initial 12-week period to cancel your membership and go through an additional 4-week notice period to complete the whole process. You can submit your cancelation request whether in person or via email. If you want to avoid the initial period, you must submit the request within three business days before midnight.

Final Verdict

From all the explanations above, it is safe to say that HOTWORX has clear rules and regulations regarding canceling, freezing, transferring, and updating a membership. Without a doubt, it is important that you pay close attention to any terms and agreements before you sign a contract with HOTWORX, especially if you want a workout experience that suits your lifestyle!

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