How Much Does Fit Body Boot Camp Cost? Prices 2024, Membership Plans & More

Are you aiming to get in the best shape of your life through intense, result-driven fitness programs? Maybe Fit Body Boot Camp is for you. Fit Body Boot Camp has hundreds of locations across the United States offering 30-minute group personal training workouts focused on torching fat and molding a killer physique.

But before you join, what is likely bothering you most is how much it costs to attend Fit Body Boot Camp. In this complete guide, we will analyze the prices of Fit Body Boot Camp, membership options, and everything else that will help you determine if this famous fitness franchise suits your goals and money.

Fit Body Boot Camp Prices: An Overview

Fit Body Boot Camp Prices

Prices of Fit Body Boot Camp differ depending on location since each one is independently owned and operated. Nevertheless, on average, an unlimited membership may cost you around $147 to $197 per month. In some places, there might be a one-time enrollment fee between $49 and $99 as well.

To give you a better idea of the average costs, here is a price list table summarizing the typical Fit Body Boot Camp membership fees and packages:

Average Fit Body Boot Camp Price List

Membership Type

Average Price Range

Monthly Unlimited

$147 – $197

Enrollment Fee

$49 – $99

6-Week Challenge

$497 – $597

Drop-In Class

$15 – $25

Please note that these are averages from different locations (for example: Brea, CA; Highland Park, Los Angeles, CA; Yorba Linda, CA). The cost may also be higher or lower depending on the particular franchise, current marketing strategy, or where you live. To have an exact quotation, it is best to contact your local Fit Body Boot Camp.

Here are the approximate costs of other Fit Body Boot Camp programs:

  • 6-week challenge: $497-$597

These are just averages and prices may vary depending on the place and offers at that time. If you want to find out about real prices just call your nearest Fit Body Boot Camp branch.

Fit Body Boot Camp Membership Options

Fit Body Boot Camp Membership Options

For most Fit Body Boot Camps, there are two major membership options:

  1. Monthly unlimited membership
  2. 6-week challenge

With a monthly unlimited package, you can attend as many 30-minute group training sessions as you like. If you desire to maintain losing the fat on all occasions and have flexible hours for exercise, this option is great for you. Generally, monthly memberships are automatically renewed until canceled.

The 6-week challenge is a more intense and shorter program that incorporates 6 weeks full of workouts without limits, meal plans, nutrition coaching, and accountability that will kick-start your transformation journey. Once they are through with the challenge, one can either revert to a normal monthly membership or not join. Paying in advance for the 6-week challenge may look expensive initially but it could be a good alternative if you are looking for speedy results and don’t mind making a total commitment for 1.5 months.

What’s Included in a Fit Body Boot Camp Membership?

What’s Included in a Fit Body Boot Camp Membership

What do you get for your money with a Fit Body Boot Camp membership? Here are the features:

The foundation of the Fit Body Boot Camp program is their 30-minute Afterburn workouts. These high-energy sessions use high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and functional exercises to burn calories, build lean muscle mass, and raise metabolism. The workouts can still be tailored for anyone irrespective of their fitness level though they are fast-paced.

To maintain proper form and get the most out of each exercise, every session must be led by a certified trainer. They are also there for encouragement and to take you out of your comfort zone.

Nutrition is an integral part of Fit Body Boot Camp’s system as well. Your membership will include healthy meal plan options, recipes, and how to make wise food choices toward achieving your goals. Additionally, there is accountability in regular check-ins and goal-setting with coaches.

Factors That Affect Fit Body Boot Camp Pricing

Factors That Affect Fit Body Boot Camp Pricing

It should be noted if you have looked into prices at Fit Body Boot Camp from a few different locations that they do not always appear consistent across the board. Some factors that can affect pricing are:

  • Geographic location
  • Gym size and amenities
  • Demand and competition in the area
  • Promotions and limited-time offers

As with any gym facility, Fit Body Boot Camps located within major cities or high-cost areas may charge a premium compared to those found in smaller markets. The size of the facility and amenities provided also determine pricing.

Further, the Fit Body Boot Camp Branch can also offer promotions to new members including no joining fee, 6 weeks for $69, or a free trial period. Prices may be higher after an initial promotional period.

How Fit Body Boot Camp Compares to Other Gyms

How Fit Body Boot Camp Pricing Compares to Other Gyms

Fit Body Boot Camp’s prices are comparable to or slightly higher than those of other group fitness studios and boot camps. However, one-on-one personal training sessions which can cost from $60 to $100 per 60-minute session are far too expensive.

In contrast with traditional gyms, it costs more every month to go to Fit Body Boot Camp. The majority of large chain gyms levy between $10 and $50 monthly rates. But, the catch is you can get customized workouts, training, and assistance when compared to doing your own thing at a global gym.

A breakdown of average monthly costs is as follows:

  • Fit Body Boot Camp: $147-$197
  • Other group fitness studios: $100-$200
  • Personal training: $240-$400 (assuming 1 session per week)
  • Traditional gyms: $10-$50

Is Fit Body Boot Camp Worth the Cost?

Is Fit Body Boot Camp Worth the Cost

Only you can determine whether Fit Body Boot Camp’s cost is justified by its programming and results within your budget and goals. However, many find that the high level of support, and unique training methods, combined with 30-minute sessions make it worth every penny.

There are several advantages of Fit Body Boot Camp over other gyms:

If you lack motivation, do not like working out alone, or have limited time to spare then paying higher for Fit Body Boot Camp may be a clever move. Conversely, if you are highly self–motivated and knowledgeable about exercise physiology and dieting, maybe you would have been able to attain similar results from a less expensive gym.

Tips for Saving on Fit Body Boot Camp

Tips for Saving on Fit Body Boot Camp

While Fit Body Boot Camp isn’t the cheapest gym option out there, there are ways to make it more affordable. Here are a few tips for saving on a membership:

  • Take advantage of promos if you’re a newbie
  • Find out about military service personnel, first responders, educators, and students discounts
  • Do you have health insurance that pays for working out?
  • Look up Groupon-type sites for temporary offers
  • If you will not be around for a month put your membership on hold

The Summary

How Much Does Fit Body Boot Camp Membership Cost

Fit Body Boot Camp is a renowned fitness franchise that has been hailed for its efficient 30-minute group workouts and holistic approach to fat loss. These can cost between $147- $197 monthly depending on location, coupled with initial costs.

While this may seem higher than conventional gym membership, many find the specific workouts, and coaching support which makes it worth the price paid. Additionally, it is more economical compared to individual personal training.

The only way to know if Fit Body Boot Camp is suitable for you or not is by taking advantage of any free trials or intro offers, experiencing their sessions, and seeing whether they are suitable for you. One can easily access a Fit Body Boot Camp around his/her area as there are several branches all over the country.

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