LifeTime Fitness vs. Equinox Gym: What’s The Difference?

Lifetime Fitness and Equinox Gym are both gym chains that have been able to garner the attention of fitness enthusiasts. They both boast elite training equipment and offer comprehensive wellness programs for their customers.

As more and more people are prioritizing their physical health, the popularity of Lifetime Fitness and Equinox Gym arises. Even so, what makes the two different from one another? The points below will address the topic and help you make a wiser decision.

Lifetime Fitness vs. Equinox Gym: Quick Comparison Table

Here’s a comprehensive comparison table summarizing the key aspects of Lifetime Fitness and Equinox Gym, including price and cost considerations:

Lifetime Fitness vs Equinox Gym: Quick Comparison Table:




Membership Tiers

Available for various budgets

High price tags for exclusive perks

Average Price Range

$60 to $150 for individual plans, $100 to $250 for family plans

$150 to $250 for individual plans, $300 to more than $500 for premium plans

Facilities and Amenities

Inclusive with varied workout sections

Premium facilities with exclusive services

Personal Training

Certified trainers are available

Elite coaches with private concierges

Classes and Programs

Extensive options to cater to a lot of people

Curated options with creative twists

Community and Atmosphere

Inclusive, warm, and family-oriented

More upscale and exclusive


Widely available in numerous locations

Available in renowned neighborhoods and urban locations

Brand Philosophy

Providing holistic wellness services with a family-friendly approach

Achieving individual excellence with luxury and exclusivity

Price / Cost

Can cater to a wider range of budget

The exclusive facilities come with higher price tags

LifeTime Fitness vs Equinox Gym: What’s It?

LifeTime Fitness vs Equinox Gym: What's It

Lifetime Fitness (sometimes referred to as Life Time) is a big name in the US fitness industry. It is known for providing clients with cutting-edge fitness equipment as well as engaging classes with a holistic wellness outlook. It also offers a wide range of benefits and an accommodating ambiance.

Equinox Gym, on the other hand, is better known in the US as a luxury fitness spot. This upscale health club puts an emphasis on providing opulent facilities and private and personalized classes. Moreover, it boasts an exclusive environment and premium services that are available in its prime locations.

Similarities Between Lifetime Fitness and Equinox Gym

Similarities Between Lifetime Fitness and Equinox Gym

It is not hard to see the similarities between these two gym chains. To start, you will find top-of-the-line fitness equipment in both locations. Secondly, it is easy to notice that there are similarly diverse and extensive workout and class options. We can also see that both chains are committed to fostering a supportive community through the occasions available.

Main Differences Between Lifetime Fitness and Equinox Gym

Main Differences Between Lifetime Fitness and Equinox Gym

While it is hard to overlook the similarities between Lifetime Fitness and Equinox Gym, these two actually have very different atmospheres, pricing structures, and overall gym experience. The first option focuses more on providing affordability and inclusivity as well as a family-friendly ambiance. This makes it a great choice if you’re aiming for a complete wellness package that is friendly for your pocket.

In contrast, the second option puts an emphasis on exclusivity, luxury, and A-class fitness experience. It also features upscale and personalized amenities and services. For this reason, it is common to see celebrities and top figures exercising in the Equinox Gym. Meanwhile, Lifetime Fitness is often filled with families.

Lifetime Fitness vs. Equinox Gym – Understanding the Differences

Lifetime Fitness vs. Equinox Gym: What’s The Difference - Understanding the Differences

In this section, we will further discuss the differences between the two gym chains. We will talk about the various aspects of Lifetime Fitness and Equinox Gym, with a particular emphasis on their pricing options.

Membership Tiers & Pricing

Lifetime Fitness provides a wide array of individual and family plans, allowing it to cater to a wide range of people. Meanwhile, Equinox Gym positions itself as a top-tier gym chain. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that its pricing options are on the higher side.

A Price Comparison

The monthly individual packages at Lifetime Fitness start as low as $60, while its monthly family packages can go up to $250. It is easy to see the price differences at Equinox Gym. Its individual packages start from $150, while the premium options can go as high as over $500.

Facilities & Amenities

At Lifetime Fitness you can find broad workout sections with pools as well as a wide range of classes. You can also find similar things at Equinox Gym, but it takes the lavish aspect to another level by providing spa facilities, member lounges, and exclusive events.

Personal Training & Expertise

Like any other renowned gym chain, Lifetime Fitness has certified trainers for its members. On the other hand, Equinox Gym provides its members with another kind of trainer. They don’t just help you train but are also able to set up a personalized fitness regimen based on your needs.

Classes & Programs

With yoga, dance, spinning, and many other kinds of activities available, we can say that the classes available at Lifetime Fitness are quite extensive. Equinox Gym, in contrast, focuses more on providing cutting-edge classes for those seeking new and innovative workout options.

Community & Atmosphere

Compared to what is found at Equinox Gym, the atmosphere at Lifetime Fitness is more warm and welcoming. Even so, the ambiance at Equinox is more intimate and exclusive, providing its members with a more refined sense of community.

Accessibility & Locations

Thanks to its nationwide presence, it would not be hard for you to find a Lifetime Fitness location in your city. However, if you live around renowned neighborhoods, it should also be easy for you to find an Equinox Gym location.

Brand Philosophy & Identity

It seems that all the differences above boil down to their different views on philosophy. In the case of Lifetime Fitness, its main goal is promoting health as a collective cause. In contrast, Equinox Gym positions itself as a luxurious and exclusive brand, as reflected by its locations.

Lifetime or Equinox: Which Is Better & How to Choose

Lifetime or Equinox: Which Is Better & How to Choose

At the end of the day, the two gym chains cater to different target markets. Thus, the decision to pick between the two of them relies on your fitness goals and budget preferences. Lifetime Fitness, ultimately, offers value for money. Still, if you want top-class services and facilities, Equinox Gym can be the better option.

Final Verdict

Regardless of your final decision, it is hard to deny that Lifetime Fitness and Equinox Gym have their own sets of pluses and minuses. More importantly, in terms of the facilities, services, and classes they provide, both are very different.

So, if you need assurance after reading this guide, don’t hesitate to visit one of their locations and see what they offer for yourself!

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