Anytime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness: What’s the Difference?

With the rising wellness trend, customers are now provided with an endless list of fitness chain options. Of all the available alternatives, Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness come up as two of the most popular names. So, what makes these two special and favored by gym-goers?

Today, we’ll talk in detail about Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness. We’ll highlight the similarities and differences between them, allowing you to make a better choice for your fitness journey.

Anytime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness: What is It?

Anytime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness: What is It

Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is one of the newer gym chains that provide 24/7 accessibility to fitness enthusiasts. It started in 2002 and has since expanded to more than 4,000 places in around 30 countries worldwide.

In comparison to other gym chains, its locations are often smaller and have a friendlier vibe. Even so, they still provide facilities ranging from free weights, cardio machines, as well as engaging group classes.

Planet Fitness

Introduction to Planet Fitness

Planet Fitness, on the other hand, has been in this business since 1992, making it a considerably older gym chain alternative. It aims first-time gym-goers as its target market, which is why it provides users with low costs and hassle-free equipment.

It is mainly known for its “Judgement-Free Zone” value, which has been proven to make its members feel comfortable going to the gym regardless of fitness level. Besides the beginner-friendly strength and cardio equipment, it also offers an array of fun fitness classes.

Similarities between Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness

Similarities between Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness

Interestingly, Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness have so many similarities. To start, many of the exercise equipment offered are similar. They include free weights, treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes.

On top of that, users can find locker rooms, personal fitness programs, and nationwide membership coverage on both gym chains. What makes them even more similar is that they are both available 24/7. This gives users the freedom to do workouts anytime they want.

Main Differences between Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness

Main Differences between Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness

Still, there are striking differences between Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness that give them an edge over one another. Anytime Fitness, for instance, provides higher-end exercise equipment for more dedicated gym visitors. Also, Anytime Fitness has a more traditional gym-like ambiance.

In contrast, Planet Fitness is more relaxed and casual, whether it is in terms of atmosphere or available exercise equipment. This is actually a good thing, especially for first-time visitors. But, if you are getting serious about your physical shape and wellness, its facilities may not be able to keep up with your fitness progress.

Anytime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness – Understanding the Differences

Anytime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness - Understanding the Differences

As far as we know, both are equally well-liked and popular. Still, it’s clear that they are quite different from one another. These points below will help you understand more about the differences between Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness and make an informed choice at the end of the day.

Membership Costs

The monthly membership costs at Planet Fitness are varied, starting from $40 for single-facility access and $70 for multiple-facility access. For Planet Fitness, the monthly membership costs start at $10. If users want to get a more exclusive “Black Card” monthly membership, they should pay #22.99.

Training and Classes

You can find a variety of personal and group fitness training classes at Anytime Fitness, ranging from HIIT to yoga classes. There is an additional fee for the personal classes. Similar group classes are also available at Planet Fitness but only at select locations.


Both gym chains also offer similar cardio and strength training equipment. Nevertheless, there are more varied and advanced weight-lifting instruments available at Anytime Fitness, such as bench presses and squat racks. In contrast, the kinds of equipment found at Planet Fitness are more focused on cardio and circuit training.


The atmosphere at Anytime Fitness is usually more similar to a traditional gym’s ambiance, which is rather serious and focused. Meanwhile, with the “Judgement-Free Zone” philosophy, Planet Fitness aims to make a relaxed and welcoming gym atmosphere.

Size & Location

When it comes to size, Planet Fitness locations are typically bigger. On the other hand, the size of Anytime Fitness locations is usually smaller, allowing for a more personalized and intimate experience.


Some stand-out features that are available at Anytime Fitness locations are private showers and wellness services. Certain locations also offer hydro massage and tanning facilities. While these are not available at Planet Fitness locations, they usually have lunk alarms and cardio theaters.


When it comes to this aspect, both gym chains offer 24/7 accessibility. Still, with more locations available worldwide, Anytime Fitness is the better option for frequent travelers. Even if Planet Fitness has locations spread nationwide, it only has several locations outside the country.

Anytime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness: Quick Comparison Table

Anytime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness: Quick Comparison Table:


Anytime Fitness:

Planet Fitness:

Membership Cost

Starting from $40/month

Starting from $10/month

Training and Classes

Group and personal classes are available

Only group classes are available


More comprehensive

Mainly cardio and circuit


More like a traditional gym

Less intimidating (Judgement-Free Zone)

Size and Location

Smaller but has more locations



Wellness programs, private showers

Cardio theaters, lunk alarms




Anytime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness: Which is Better & How to Choose

Anytime Fitness vs. Planet Fitness: Which is Better & How to Choose

Now, have you made your decision on which fitness chain you should choose? Overall, Planet Fitness is the ideal option for beginners and casual fitness enthusiasts who need a cost-effective option with a friendly and non-intimidating atmosphere.

On the other hand, if you want to be serious about your fitness journey and need advanced strength training equipment to do so, then you should choose Anytime Fitness. The tools and amenities at this gym chain also make it a better choice for most people, including veteran gym-doers and casual powerlifters.

Final Verdict

All in all, it is safe to say that you can find great value in both Anytime Fitness and Planet Fitness. The most important thing to take note of here is that they are aimed at different fitness demographics.

By discovering both fitness chains’ equipment, classes, costs, as well as their overall atmosphere through the points above, you should be able to make a better-informed decision. Also, you can check out the similarities and differences between them to see which one suits your lifestyle and needs best.

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