Crunch vs. Planet Fitness: What’s the Difference?

The journey to an improved health level and a well-built body is not always an easy one. And, oftentimes, it all starts with choosing the right gym facility! Today, we talk about Crunch Fitness vs. Planet Fitness and talk about their similarities and differences, compare important details about them, and many other things to help you make a well-informed decision.

What Is Crunch Fitness? and What Is Planet Fitness?

Crunch Fitness vs Planet Fitness

Launched in 1989, Crunch Fitness started out as a health club chain that focuses more on providing a fun and relaxed workout atmosphere. With a wide range of classes and personal training programs (as well as top-of-the-line equipment), it has now evolved into a reputable gym chain that is renowned for unique workout sessions like AntiGravity Yoga and BodyWeb with TRX.

Planet Fitness, on the other hand, was launched in 1992 and has evolved into a gym chain that prides itself on the “Judgement-Free Zone” philosophy. It offers users affordable membership costs, basic but comprehensive cardio and strength equipment, as well as a far-from-intimidating gym atmosphere, making it suitable for first-timers who look for a relaxed workout environment.

Similarities Between Crunch and Planet Fitness

Similarities Between Crunch and Planet Fitness

Because both Planet Fitness and Crunch Fitness are aimed at beginner gym-goers, it should come as no surprise that they both share several similarities. For example, users are offered reasonable membership prices and various strength and cardio equipment. On top of that, both gym chains also have a welcoming workout environment along with varied personal training services and extensive operational hours.

Main Differences Between Crunch and Planet Fitness

Main Differences Between Crunch and Planet Fitness

Still, Planet Fitness and Crunch Fitness have striking differences. To start, both have very different approaches to fitness. Crunch Fitness puts more emphasis on providing advanced equipment and original workout classes. Meanwhile, Planet Fitness focuses more on providing standard workout equipment in a non-intimidating environment for newbie gym-goers.

Moreover, many users believe that Crunch Fitness is better than Planet Fitness in many aspects. For example, it has more advanced strength equipment than Planet Fitness which allows for more complex exercises.

Yes, you might find similar equipment like weight benches, dumbbells, and EZ curl bars in Planet Fitness, but they are not as good as the ones in Crunch Fitness. This makes Crunch Fitness a better alternative for those who enjoy strength training, taking part in group sessions, or training with a private coach.

Crunch vs. Planet Fitness – Understanding the Differences

Crunch Fitness vs Planet Fitness: What’s the Difference

On top of the points above, Planet Fitness and Crunch Fitness also have differences in other aspects like target demographics, gym atmosphere, workout classes, etc. We will talk about them below to make you understand their differences in greater detail.

Membership Cost

The membership prices at Crunch Fitness range from $9.95 to $25.95 per month. The highest membership tier offers benefits like free access to all locations, guest perks, and access to digital workout classes.

Planet Fitness also offers similarly affordable membership rates, with prices ranging from $10 to $22.99 per month. Access to all locations, guest privileges, and additional perks like tanning and massage facilities are also available with the highest perk.


The equipment at Crunch Fitness is rather advanced. Functional training equipment and innovative equipment for specialized classes are available. In contrast, the equipment at Planet Fitness is rather basic, with strength and cardio tools that are intended for beginner users.


The classes at Crunch Fitness are also varied. Besides the basic ones like Pilates, yoga, and Zumba, more advanced classes like AntiGravity Yoga and BodyWeb with TRX are also available. Meanwhile, the classes at Planet Fitness are held in small groups and led by certified trainers.

Personal Training

On top of the group classes, Crunch Fitness and Planet Fitness also offer private training services. Even so, such services at Crunch Fitness are available at an additional cost, while they are included with the monthly membership at Planet Fitness.


The atmosphere at Crunch Fitness is rather fun and relaxed. It is also designed to drive members to try new things and push their limits. On the other hand, Planet Fitness is more focused on creating a beginner-friendly environment through its “Judgement-Free Zone” philosophy.


When it comes to locations, Planet Fitness beats Crunch Fitness by a mile. It has an extensive network of more than 2,000 locations. Meanwhile, Crunch Fitness only has around 300 locations.

Additional Amenities

Select Crunch Fitness locations have amenities like Hydro massage, tanning, and childcare facilities, which are accessible based on membership level. Planet Fitness also has Hydro massage, tanning, and massage chair facilities that are available for Black Card members.

Crunch vs. Planet Fitness: Quick Comparison Table

Crunch vs. Planet Fitness: Quick Comparison Table


Crunch Fitness:

Planet Fitness:

Membership Cost

Starting from $9.95 per month

Starting from $10 per month


Various advanced workout equipment is available

Standard cardio and strength equipment is available


Classes are innovative and varied

Workout classes are held in small groups

Personal Training

Available at an additional cost

Included within the monthly membership


Relaxed and fun

Beginner friendly with the “Judgement-Free Zone” philosophy


More than 300 locations are available

More than 2,000 locations are available

Additional Amenities

Available based on locations

Available for Black Card holders

Crunch or Planet Fitness: Which Is Better & How to Choose?

Crunch or Planet Fitness: Which Is Better & How to Choose

From all the explanations above, it is safe to say that Crunch Fitness is a  better option for those looking for more varied classes and advanced workout equipment. In contrast, Planet Fitness can be an ideal choice if you’re just getting started with working out and are looking for a welcoming, beginner-friendly gym environment.


At the end of the day, the choice depends on your personal needs, goals, and budget. With the unique services and fitness experiences available, both gym chains cater to a wide range of customers.

However, considering the innovative classes and sophisticated equipment, it is safe to say that Crunch Fitness is more suitable for those wanting variety in their workout routine. On the other hand, Planet Fitness, with a non-intimidating atmosphere and beginner-friendly equipment, is suitable for newbies and casual gym-goers.

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