F45 Training vs OrangeTheory: What’s The Difference?

Orangetheory and F45 Training are famous fitness franchises offering High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Both give emphasis on calorie burning and are led by professional fitness trainers or coaches. Besides these similarities, is there anything else interesting about the two programs?

If you are a newbie when it comes to F45 vs. Orangetheory, you might get confused. Thus, this article might help you get enlightenment about the two and note the difference between F45 and Orangetheory.

What Is F45 Training?

What Is F45 Training

F45 is a global fitness training community committed to giving state-of-the-art high-intensity group workout that is results-driven, fun, and fast-paced. F stands for functional training, a mix of HIIT and circuit training. 45 is the total time for heart-pumping and sweat-dripping fun activities.

What Is Orangetheory?

What Is Orangetheory

Orangetheory is a total-body group exercise utilizing technology, coaching, and science to deliver optimal fitness results from the inside out. It is not the same as HIIT but rather it is a  heart rate-based interval fitness scheme where a professional coach will guide you through the five different heart rate zones.

Similarities Between F45 Training and Orangetheory

Similarities Between F45 Training and Orangetheory

Below are some similarities between Orangetheory vs. F45:

  • Group Training – Participants will join a group in both programs. The class setting makes it easy for anyone to get motivated.
  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – Both fitness plans use HIIt in their workout sessions. HIIT involves periods of intense exercises and then an alternate of short recovery modes.
  • Strength and Cardiovascular Training – A mix of strength training and cardiovascular exercises are used which significantly enhances overall strength, endurance, and fitness.
  • Workouts Led by Trainers – Certified professional coaches spearhead the workouts.
  • Monitoring Heart Rate – Heart rate monitors are worn to track effort levels and heart rate while doing sessions.
  • Calorie-Burn-Focused – The exercises optimize the burning of calories during sessions.

Key Differences Between F45 Training and Orangetheory

Key Differences Between F45 Training and Orangetheory

F45 vs. Orange Theory also has differences that you must consider. F45 synthesizes HIIT, functional exercises, and circuit training to burn fats and tone lean muscles in a 45-minute group training session. Meanwhile, the Orangetheory focuses on HIIT by letting participants perform cardio workouts for about an hour or 60 minutes.

F45 Training vs. Orangetheory: The Workout

F45 vs. Orangetheory delivers various exercises, experiences, and approaches. To give you an overview of the workout sessions of these two remarkable fitness franchises, here are the details you need to know about:

  • Format of the WorkoutOrangetheory is an hour long and follows a structured approach in interval training. F45, on the other hand, is only a 45-minute-long workout session and uses the circuit style.
  • Emphasis on Strength vs. Cardio – Both make use of strength training and cardio elements to make the most of the fitness experience.
  • Monitoring of Heart RateOrangetheory uses heart rate monitoring technology by letting participants wear a heart rate monitor during workouts while F45 does not use this technology.
  • Trainer Interaction and Class SizeOrangetheory is in a small class setting, thus the more individualized attention from coaches. Whereas, F45 is in a group setting.

F45 Training vs. Orangetheory: Pricing

Kindly note that with either F45 vs. Orangetheory, you will invest more money than your usual gym membership fee, but it will be worth it. Both studios offer well-designed classes led by top-notch instructors. Optional heart rate monitors can be rented for $5-$10 per class or purchased for around $110.

Orangetheory’s pricing options include a single class drop-in rate of $28, the Basic Package at $59/month (4 classes), the Elite Package at $99/month (8 classes), and the Premier Package at $159/month (unlimited classes).

F45 Training’s prices include a single class drop-in rate of $27, the eight-class package at $149/month, and the unlimited classes package at $199/month.

In conclusion, Orangetheory generally offers more budget-friendly options and additional amenities.

F45 Training vs. Orangetheory: Weight Loss & Calories

Orangetheory aids in the weight loss journey which is believed to help you have a body fat reduction of 1-3% over 8 to 12 weeks. An individual participating in a single 60-minute Orangetheory class has the potential to burn a significant amount of calories, ranging from 500 to 1,000 calories. 

Conversely, F45 is a blend of hybrid training, resistance, and cardio which promotes fat loss and lean muscles. It helps you to lose about 0.5 to 1 kg on a weekly basis which is a reduction of 500 to 1,000 calories per day.

F45 Training vs. Orangetheory: Results

An Orangetheory participant can already see visible physical results just within a month of training. F45 claims that chiseled abs within 2 months of sessions are possible. Nonetheless, there are several factors that may affect the desired results for both programs such as adherence to routine, nutrition plan, genetics, body composition, etc.

F45 Training vs. Orangetheory: Equipment

Orangetheory uses pull-up bars, TRX suspension trainers, benches, dumbbells, BOSU balls, medicine balls, bikes, rowers, and treadmills. Meanwhile, F45 utilizes Les Mis barbells, TRX trainers, Bosu balls, plyo boxes, battle ropes, sandbags, slam balls, sleds, kettlebells, and dumbbells.

F45 Training vs. Orangetheory: Overall Vibe/Ambiance

Orangetheory gives off a welcoming and friendly community. It can be competitive since you can see how you compare to the other participants since you all wear a heart rate monitor.

On the other hand, F45 has a tight-knit and supportive team. Mostly, it caters to people with previous fitness training experience.

F45 Training vs. Orangetheory: Best for

Orangetheory is best if you want to take classes focused on cardio, need extrinsic motivational support such as earning points to stay consistent with a routine, and prefer performing simpler exercises without the need for lots of gym equipment.

F45 is ideal if you are only amenable to a 45-minute daily workout session, do not need a scoreboard for motivation, has minimal workout experience, and only aiming for workouts that use varied equipment.

F45 Training vs. Orangetheory: Quick Comparison Table

Here is a quick comparison table to help you have a more guided view of the F45 training vs. Orangetheory:

F45 vs Orangetheory: Quick Comparison Table




Best for

looking for structured interval training with a focus on cardio exercises

looking for variety and functional training


body fat reduction of 1-3% over 8 to 12 weeks

lose about 0.5 to 1 kg on a weekly basis


after 1  month depending on fitness and personal factors

after 2 months depending on fitness and personal factors


energetic and supportive

energetic and motivating


treadmills, rowing machines, and weight equipment

uses a variety of functional training tools and equipment


$28 - $199 depending on the package availed

$27-$1,014  depending on the package availed

Franchise Locations

more than 1,200 studios globally

more than 1,500 studios globally

Workout Intensity

heart rate monitoring is integrated into exercises

heart rate monitoring is optional

Group Training

small groups

large group

Workout Style

HIIT with cardio and strength exercises

HIIT, functional, and circuits style workouts

F45 Training or Orangetheory: Which Is Better?

F45 Training or Orangetheory: Which Is Better

Are you looking for more varied workouts that use equipment like battle ropes and the like? Then, F45 might be for you. However, if you want an open gym time and want a more affordable option you might want to go for Orangetheory.

Final Verdict

F45 Training vs OrangeTheory: What’s The Difference

Have you learned a lot about F45 training vs. Orangetheory? Both are highly effective fitness programs that you must consider. However, if you are a hardcore fitness lover, you may find F45 more appropriate for you. The classes are fun and a lot more challenging. Meanwhile, if you merely want to follow a standard fitness routine with an intensity that is tailored fit to your level of fitness, then Orangetheory is for you.

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