Orangetheory 2G vs 3G: What’s The Difference?

Have you heard about Orangetheory 2G vs 3G? OrangeTheory 2G or 3G is a workout routine that targets the entire body. It’s a workout routine that combines coaching, science, and technology to ensure optimal results both outside and inside the body.

However, what is the difference between Orangetheory 2G and 3G? Both of them are 60-minute long workout routines, the difference is that there are more groups with 3G than 2G, which we will discuss below. It’s essential to know the difference between the two so that you’ll know which one works for you more.

What is Orange Theory Fitness?

What is Orange Theory Fitness

Orange Theory Fitness is an organization offering a heart-rate-based and science-based workout routine that is made to burn calories and boost your endurance even more. The workout is a combination of strength training and cardio exercises and is derived from the idea of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption or EPOC. This means that you are still going to burn calories even after the workout is over.

The Main Difference Between Orangetheory 2g and 3G

The Main Difference Between Orangetheory 2g and 3G

Now that you’re aware of what this workout is, what is the difference between Orangetheory 2G and 3G? Here’s an explanation:

2G Classes

This is the original Orangetheory class. 2G means “2 groups.” The first group is assigned to the treadmills while the other one goes to the weight floor. After a few minutes, they switch. The group consists of 24 participants, and is divided into 2 parts with 12 participants each.

3G Classes

3G Classes are the same but are tweaked a bit. This is designed for a bigger group. 3G is for “3 groups.” The first group exercises on the treadmill, the second one goes to the weight floor, and the last one goes to the rowers. 3G classes consist of 36 participants, diving it into 3 parts with 12 participants each.

So, what’s the difference between the two? The main difference lies with the number of people participating and the equipment used. 2G has lesser participants than 3G, while 3G has an additional equipment used, the rowers. Overall, 2G is for those who want to experience a less intense OrangeTheory workout, while 3G is perfect for those who want to add intensity to their routine.

Similarities Between Orangetheory 2G and 3G

Similarities Between Orangetheory 2G and 3G

Here are the similarities between Orangetheory 2G and 3G:

  • Types of Exercises:Both consist of strength and cardio exercises.
  • Environment:Both are led by a coach in a supportive environment.
  • Customization:Both are flexible, so you can customize your workout routine according to your fitness level.
  • Focus:Both are designed to effectively burn calories while using the same heart rate monitoring technology.

OrangeTheory 2G vs 3G: Workout Structure

When it comes to workout structure, both follow the same workout routine. The only difference is that the number of participants differs, which are divided into either 2 or 3 groups. The workout structure follows the same cardio and strength training. They just rotate the stations differently because 2G handles 2 groups while 3G handles 3 groups.

OrangeTheory 2G vs 3G: Intensity Level

If you are looking at the intensity level of the OrangeTheory workout routine, they differ slightly. Both still focus on high-intensity routines. However, if you want a more cardio-heavy routine, 3G will give you that. For weight training, 2G is your best bet.

OrangeTheory 2G vs 3G: Class Size & Experience Level

2G has a smaller class size of 24 participants, which gives you a much more personalized experience. You’ll be given more attention from your coach too, which is ideal for those who are new to the OrangeTheory workout sessions. 3G handles a bigger class of 36 participants, which gives a much more competitive environment, so it’s much more intense for newbies.

OrangeTheory 2G vs 3G: Equipment Usage

The equipment used for both 2G and 3G are the same. Both use dumbells, treadmills, TRX suspension trainers, and resistance bands. There is only one slight difference, which is 3G using rowers, so it’s much more intense.

OrangeTheory 2G vs 3G: Pricing/Cost

There are multiple locations for OrangeTheory hubs, so the prices would depend on where the area is located. The rates are generally the same though, with rates starting from $28 to $36 for every class. The monthly subscription starts from $59 to $279.

OrangeTheory 2G vs 3G: Which is Harder?

This is subjective since it would depend on the individual. However, 2G classes are much more ideal for newbies since 3G adds more cardio-related routines with greater intensity levels because of the added rowers. Still, 2G classes focus on strength training too, so if this is not your niche, you’ll find it challenging.

OrangeTheory 2G vs 3G: Workout Duration

The duration for 2G classes is usually 60 minutes long. 3G classes, on the other hand, can range from 45 to 60 minutes long depending on the location. For those who have limited time, you can opt for 2G classes since they give more focus per station. For fast-paced workouts, you can go for 3G.

OrangeTheory 2G vs 3G: Quick Comparison Table

OrangeTheory 2G vs 3G: Quick Comparison Table


OrangeTheory 2G

OrangeTheory 3G:

Workout Focus

Strength Training and Endurance

Strength Training, Endurance, Power Building


60 minutes

45-60 minutes


Uses HIIT format

Uses HIIT format with added power moves

Class Size

24 participants divided into 2 groups

36 participants divided into 3 groups


Treadmills, Resistance Bands, Dumbells, TRX suspension trainers

Treadmills, Resistance Bands, Dumbells, TRX suspension trainers, Bike, Rowing Machine

OrangeTheory 2G vs 3G: Which is Better and How to Choose?

OrangeTheory 2G vs 3G: Which is Better

Choosing which one is better would depend on the preference of the individual. For those who want more cardio, 3G is the best choice. For those who opt for more strength training, 2G is the ideal pick. Choose the one that gives you more benefits.

Final Verdict

OrangeTheory is one of the best workout providers right now. They offer both 2G and 3G varieties of workouts, with only the number of participants, duration, focus, and equipment varying slightly.

When choosing what kind of routine to get, 2G has fewer participants and focuses more on strength building while 3G has a bigger group and focuses more on cardio. Whatever you choose, you get the benefits of OrangeTheory’s program, so choose what best suits your needs.

Interested? Check out Orange Theory Fitness Prices page for more information!

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